If there is one victory we can claim here on the internet, it is that we have forever removed the ability of government to lie to their people with impunity. Absent that, there will be fewer wars.

Already we see the elites trying to roll the world back to pre-internet days,  much as the elites in Gutenberg's time tried to roll back his making books affordable to the middle classes. But like that previous effort, the attempt to reverse progress is doomed to fail. The elites will have to adjust to the new reality of a public aware and  on the lookout for their lies, or they will stop being the elites." -- Michael Rivero

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 It's time to face facts: people are disgusting. It's not that you are a lazy or unhygienic person, it's just that the human body is a garbage and nothing can be done about it. As gross as our bodies are now, they were worse throughout history, which means the past smelled a lot worse. If you went back in time, you wouldn't be friends with George Washington or party with Marie Antoinette at Versailles. You'll turn away from the smell (and probably kill everyone with all your modern bacteria). Take, for example.


Students at a London university are demanding that they be allowed to return to classes, after they were suspended following Palestine solidarity action held before and after the 7 October attack.

The School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) suspended four students and three alumni last month for "violating health and safety protocols" following two pro-Palestine rallies held on 29 September and 9 October. 

A mother in North Carolina used a tracking app to catch a teacher having sex with her son inside a parked car, according to prosecutors.

Gabriela Cartaya-Neufeld, 26, was arrested for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with an 18-year-old student on Nov. 29, according to a statement released by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

A new Biden administration rule that seeks to withhold lunch money funds from public schools that refuse to accept or comply with new far-left mandates regarding sexuality and gender is likely to outrage parents anew.

As reported by The Center Square, failure to comply with the White House’s leftist school agenda could result in the loss of federal tax funds administered through the Department of Agriculture.

California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis squared off in a debate last night, and one thing was crystal clear: the two could not be more diametrically opposed on every single political issue.

Unsurprisingly, one subject that was broached was public education — what it should include and what it should not include.

DeSantis also noted that California has one of the lowest literacy rates in the country, while Florida is number three for fourth grade reading.

“So, you should apologize for not getting your kids in school. Why didn’t you get the kids in school in the summer of 2020?” DeSantis asked as Newsom fumbled his answer.

The topic of books on gender in schools also made an appearance, and DeSantis again gave the right answers.

 Namibia's rich biodiversity boasts an astonishing array of plant life that extends from the dry expanses of the Namib Desert to the lush plains of its riverbeds and the rugged landscapes of its mountain ranges. A staggering number of these botanical wonders are endemic to the country, having evolved in the country's challenging climatic conditions. Among this botanical treasure, some of the most extraordinary and strange-looking plants can be discovered that are found only within the borders of Namibia.


On Saturday, parental rights group Moms for Liberty posted pictures of a package they received in the mail which contained letters that students from a Seattle Middle school allegedly made in class, claiming that the organization was “bullying” LGBTQ youth.

The evil, stupid doctrine of ”disparate impact” is once again eating its corrosive way through job requirements.

The jobs here are for social workers in Washington, D.C. You have to be licensed to do social work in the capital, and to get a license you have to pass an exam. It’s not a severely academic exam, only a series of ”multiple choice tests, which ask social workers what they’d do in hypothetical scenarios.”