"Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything." -- Alexander Hamilton

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Good news, everyone. The federal deficit for fiscal year 2024 is going to hit $1.9 trillion! That's 27% higher than the original CBO estimate of $1.5 trillion from back in February. One of the main reasons for that 27% jump: Biden's $145 billion in student debt relief.

In 69% Black Birmingham, al, the Birmingham City Schools System (88% Black) Is Paying Parents to Ensure Their Kids Go to School... MikeRivero

Birmingham, Alabama is 69 percent black.

Birmingham City Schools are roughly 88 percent black, 10 percent Hispanic, and 1 percent white. It’s one of the worst school systems in America:

The Plot To Destroy Our Children MikeRivero

Last week, a conversation with a waitress disturbed me a lot. She told me that she was homeschooling her sixteen-year old son, who is autistic, because she was afraid that he would be subjected to “tranny” propaganda and encouraged to “transition” to being a woman. Even worse, he might be put in touch with “doctors” who would mutilate him by injecting him with hormones and even castrating him, all without his parents’ knowledge. You might think the waitress was exaggerating—we all know that public schools are bad, but can they be that bad?

Wild Video Captures Brawl at Los Angeles High School Graduation for Students on Probation, Ends in Shooting MikeRivero

Four individuals were detained following reports of a shooting outside the Walt Disney Concert Hall on Thursday night.

The location was hosting a graduation ceremony for over 100 L.A. County high school graduates, including 29 students who were currently detained youth on probation.

The ceremony ended in chaos when a person attacked one of the teen graduates.

Patently Unconstitutional: School Under Fire for Race-Based Scholarships MikeRivero

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty has announced it is challenging a scholarship program in the Beloit, Wisconsin, school district for being racist and discriminatory.

“The district’s race-based GYO program is patently unconstitutional and illegal under decades-old United States Supreme Court precedent and other laws,” explained WILL associate counsel Cara Tolliver.