"An elective despotism was not the government we fought for." -- Thomas Jefferson

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The Swiss People's Party (UDC), which holds the majority in parliament, has stated in a release that it demands the country's withdrawal from the Council of Europe after the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that Bern was not doing enough to combat climate change.

The U.S. approval for Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands to transfer 65 F-16s and support equipment may come a little too late to save the regime in Kiev.

For it will be some time before the pilots are trained, the support equipment is in place and all the F-16s are transferred. By which time Russia may have taken Odessa and consolidated its air defenses over eastern Ukraine.

The European Union has given the green light to a large number of new science grants for Israel amid the genocidal war on Gaza.

Trawling through an EU funding database, I counted almost 90 projects involving Israeli firms or institutions which the Brussels bureaucracy has approved since 7 October.

Lithuanian leaders hailed a “historic event” as Germany on Monday began deploying troops in the Baltic country — a NATO member — marking the first time since World War II that German forces will be based outside the country on a long-term basis.

About two dozen soldiers arrived in Lithuania, laying the groundwork for a further 150 to join them later this year. The deployment is expected to be up to its full strength of 5,000 by the end of 2027.

The European Union shows all the symptoms of a structure in deep crisis. Like other organizations in the past, the more it tries to convey an image of internal cohesion, the greater the fissures it creates, based on the increasingly rigid demand for compliance with the rules that this appearance of cohesion requires.

Recent startling revelations about organized crime in the European Union (EU) spotlight the extensive use of real estate for money laundering purposes by more than a third of criminal groups.

There are 821 highly dangerous criminal networks operating in the EU, comprising more than 25,000 individuals, according to a recent Europol report.

Populist Peter Pellegrini has been elected president of Slovakia, succeeding the liberal Zuzana Caputova. Mr Pellegrini, 48, defeated the pro-Western Ivan Korčok, a former diplomat, with 53% of the vote. A former prime minister, he is an ally of Prime Minister Robert Fico, and shares the PM's dovish attitude towards Russia. Mr Fico and his allies now control Slovakia's parliament, government, and soon the president's office. Slovakia had been one of Ukraine's staunchest allies before Mr Fico came to power in October on a pledge to halt supplies of Slovak Army military stocks to Kyiv.

State security services in Moldova’s Russia-backed breakaway region of Transnistria said Friday that a drone attacked a military unit close to the border with Ukraine, causing minor damage to a radar station but no casualties.

The incident occurred in the region of Rabnita, about 6 kilometers (about 4 miles) from the Ukraine border, the region’s state security ministry said, adding that a criminal investigation has been opened. They did not say who they thought was behind the alleged attack.