London Is Recruiting Functionally Illiterate Nonwhites to be Bobbies MikeRivero Sun, 01/29/2023 - 08:29

Applicants to the police who can barely write in English are being accepted by the Met in an attempt to improve diversity, one of His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has warned.

HMI Matt Parr said that while it was entirely “noble and right” that Scotland Yard was aiming to be more representative of the community it policed, it should not be at the expense of standards.

In 2021, Dame Cressida Dick, the then Met Commissioner, declared it was the force’s aspiration to recruit 40 per cent of its officers from the black and ethnic minority communities by 2023.

Biden's Parole Program: Migrant families rush Miami airport after GOP lawsuit MikeRivero Sun, 01/29/2023 - 08:12

Since 20 GOP-led states filed a lawsuit Tuesday against President Biden's new immigration plan, migrants are now rushing to fly into the United States. 

Hundreds of migrants flew into the Miami International Airport Thursday and Friday from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Haiti—all coming to the United States legally under the parole program. Under the new immigration plan, the U.S. will allow 30,000 migrants from four countries to enter each month. 

'Allahu Akbar!': Moroccan Asylum Seeker Goes On Stabbing Spree Inside Spanish Churches While Shouting 'Death to Christians!' MikeRivero Sun, 01/29/2023 - 07:59

The suspect in a machete attack on two churches in southern Spain in which one clergyman was killed and another seriously injured is a 25-year-old Moroccan man who was due to be deported from the country, police said on Thursday.

The suspect was arrested on Wednesday evening after a man wielding a machete attacked several people at the churches of San Isidro and Nuestra Senora de La Palma, around 300 metres (1,000 feet) apart, in the southern port city of Algeciras.

EU Ministers Seek Trump-Style Border Walls Amid Spike In Illegal Border Crossings MikeRivero Sat, 01/28/2023 - 09:07

Some members of the European Union are calling for the body to support renewed construction of border barriers as Europe has seen a rise in illegal border crossings in recent months.

Rhode Island high school assistant principal 'asked teachers to raise $5,000 to pay human smuggling cartel "Coyote" for trafficking a student over Mexican border', union president claims MikeRivero Sat, 01/28/2023 - 08:54

Rhode Island high school's assistant principal allegedly sent out an email asking staff to send donations to pay a human smuggling cartel for trafficking a student over the Mexican border.

'Coyote' fees are paid to people who help sneak immigrants into the United States to match the risk of illegally entering the country.

Pamela Mastropietros mom wears shirt showing teens dismembered body to killers hearing MikeRivero Fri, 01/27/2023 - 14:39

The mom of an 18-year-old Italian woman who was raped and murdered by a Nigerian drug dealer wore a T-shirt showing the teen’s dismembered body in court to protest his appeal of part of his conviction.

Pamela Mastropietro was raped and butchered by 32-year-old Innocent Oseghale in the central Italy town of Macerta in January 2018.

Oseghale — who stuffed the teen’s mutilated remains inside two suitcases and dumped them in a ditch — was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of murder, rape and destruction of a body.

'Allahu Akbar!': Moroccan Asylum Seeker Goes On Stabbing Spree Inside Spanish Churches While Shouting 'Death to Christians!' ChrisMenahan Fri, 01/27/2023 - 14:24

"My feeling is [America] should open [the border] and just let everybody pour in," Louis CK opined over the weekend on Joe Rogan's podcast. "What will really happen? Will they just come with knives and start killing everybody?"

In related news...

Democrats Urge Biden to Scrap His Stricter Border Policies: Claim Asylum Is a RIGHT IamShado Fri, 01/27/2023 - 09:57

A bicameral group of Democrat lawmakers gathered on Capitol Hill Thursday, to proclaim that asylum is a right. They want President Biden to end Title 42 and reverse his recent restrictions on asylum-seekers from Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti and Venezuela.


More Illegals Are Invading Than Ever. Bidens Treasonous Solution: Parole Them In. Impeach Him Now! MikeRivero Fri, 01/27/2023 - 08:25

President Biden set a new record last month. Thanks to his impeachable refusal to enforce the law, border agents encountered more than 250,000 illegal aliens, the highest monthly total in history. Yet Biden’s flacks claim everything is under control, and even better, that offering parole to the invaders will reduce illegal border crossings (by legalizing them). These smug assertions fail to acknowledge that border crossings for 2023 are expected to exceed 2022’s record.

'Let Everybody Pour In!': Louis CK Says U.S. Needs Open Borders as Punishment For Oppressing The Third World ChrisMenahan Thu, 01/26/2023 - 21:21

"My feeling is they should open it -- the border -- and just let everybody pour in ... What will really happen? Will they just come with knives and start killing everybody? I don't think so."