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13-Year-Old Arrested For Shooting Liquor Store Clerk MikeRivero

California's gun control laws have blocked hundreds of thousands of lawful residents from being able to access their Second Amendment rights in a timely manner (and in some cases, preventing them from exercising those rights at all).

Oklahoma, Alabama Now Have AI-Powered Vending Machines That Sell Bullets MikeRivero

It’s no secret that Americans love guns. Not only do nearly half of Americans say they live in a household with guns, but the U.S. beats out every other nation on Earth when it comes to gun density (the 2nd most gun-dense country is Yemen, and it’s not even close). The U.S.

Michigan Lawmakers Propose AR-15 As Official State Gun MikeRivero

In a move that expectedly has some anti-gunners losing their minds, a group of Michigan legislators have proposed a bill that, if approved, would make the AR-15 Michigan's official state firearm. The move has sparked controversy, with some residents expressing concern about its potential impact on Michigan's image. However, the move is not unprecedented, as nearly a dozen other states have official guns.

California Is Now The First State to Charge An 11-Percent Excise Tax For Guns MikeRivero

Taxes on guns and ammunition in California have doubled in price — thanks to a new 11-percent excise tax. One America’s Lindsey Adams sat down with the Executive Director of the San Diego County Gun Owners Political Action Committee for more on how 2A advocates are fighting back.

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'Christian Warrior Training' explodes as churches put faith in guns amid a surge in violent attacks - but some congregants are worried MikeRivero

Churchgoers are now arming themselves and signing up for 'warrior training' before heading into weekly services, as violent attacks in houses of worship surge nationwide.

Sheepdog Church Security, founded by Kris Moloney in 2014, is one company that trains volunteer safety and security teams to protect houses of worship while keeping 'faith at the center.'

When he first founded the company Moloney didn't have much competition, but 10 years later, church attacks are at an all time high and the protection industry is booming.

Californias Gun Control Laws Proven NOT to Work MikeRivero

New figures from the FBI show that heavily gun-controlled California led the nation in “active shooter incidents” in 2023.

According to the latest FBI report, 2023 had a total of 48 “active shooter incidents” in the U.S., with California leading all states with a total number of 8.

The FBI defines an active shooter as “one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area.”