"In 1960, the USSR accused the U.S. of running an aerial spying program over its territory. Our government denied it to the American people, only admitting it when confronted with the captured U-2 pilot Gary Powers. Americans were genuinely shocked that their government would lie to them. Today the lying has become so routine that people are no longer shocked. There can be no true democracy when government manipulates the people with spin, hype, propaganda, phony 'leaks,' and outright lies." -- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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Iran launched dozens of drones and missiles toward Israel on Saturday night after threatening to retaliate for a deadly airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Syria that killed seven members of the elite Revolutionary Guard Corps last week.

The newest escalation in the Middle East would likely expedite providing by the United States a joint assistance package for Israel and Ukraine, retired US Army Lt. Col. and former Vice President of the Eurasia Group, Earl Rasmussen, told Sputnik on Saturday.

The first reports from Ukrainian frontlines confirmed deployment of the French military in the Donbass. The first unit of the French Foreign Legion reportedly arrived in the area of the city of Slavayansk in the Donetsk People’s Republic. 

Russian forces struck Ukrainian manpower and equipment across 112 areas over the past day, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

"Operational-tactical aircraft, missile troops and artillery of the Russian Armed Forces hit manpower and equipment of the Ukrainian army in 112 areas," the ministry said.

Pervomaiskoye liberated

Russian forces have liberated the settlement of Pervomaiskoye in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the ministry reported.

The Ukrainian armed forces fired the Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) munitions, which were developed and are used by NATO countries, to hit the city of Tokmak in the Zaporozhye Region, operational services told TASS.

The Ukrainian government should leave its “old-school mentality” behind and implement true equality in its armed forces, Kiev’s chief military adviser for gender issues, Oksana Grigorieva, has argued.

Kiev is currently overhauling its military conscription system, with lawmakers debating amendments to lower the mobilization age and penalize draft-dodgers. There are currently no plans to conscript women, but the idea has previously been raised.

Authored by Aldgra Fredly via The Epoch Times,

Former President Donald Trump has suggested that he would support Republicans approving Ukraine aid in the form of a loan, but that Europe must “equalize” its efforts to help Ukraine in its war against Russia.