"A rage long in building is long in cooling." -- Michael Rivero

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On May 26, The New York Times Magazine ran a feature story by Matthieu Aikins entitled “America’s Monster: Uncovering the Brutal Career of Abdul Raziq—And the Hidden Truths of the War in Afghanistan.”

The story detailed the U.S. military and CIA’s support for Abdul Raziq, a police commander in Spin Boldak on the border of Pakistan in the late 2000s who, thanks to American patronage, was promoted to police chief in Kandahar and rose to the rank of three-star General.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has said that authorization for Ukrainian use of American weapons for cross-border attacks extends not just to the Kharkiv region, but into other Russian regions as well, further escalating Biden's initial greenlight for such offensive operations.

This article which focusses on the 9/11 False Flag is of utmost significance to our understanding of the ongoing Israel-U.S. genocide against Palestine as well as the broader U.S. hegemonic war against the broader Middle East.

On September 11, 2001, Afghanistan was identified as a “state sponsor of terror”, without a shred of evidence. The 9/11 attacks were categorized as an act of war against America by an unnamed foreign power.

Afghanistan has sold 150,000 tons (1.1 million barrels) of crude oil from the Amu Darya basin for more than $80 million over the past 10 days, with Beijing’s investment in the country beginning to bear fruit. 

The German government has declined an offer from the Taliban to repatriate Afghan migrants convicted of crimes on the grounds that it would indicate recognition of the Islamist regime.

The offer from the Taliban government follows the murder of a police officer by an Afghan national in a senseless knife attack in the southwest city of Manheim.

Former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is facing a stern warning from a top Republican lawmaker: testify before my committee voluntarily, or be served with a subpoena.