"Any ruler who decides to start a war has made the conscious decision to send a million of his own people to their deaths, for his own profit." -- Michael Rivero

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Remember James Clapper and John Brennan? It's easy to forget given how much has transpired since both men consistently led the news throughout the Trump administration. At one time, though, their involvement in Crossfire Hurricane, otherwise known as the Russia collusion investigation was really big news.

House Republicans are taking their next official steps in their impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden by preparing a hearing and subpoenas to members of the Biden family, as well as scheduling the first hearing in the investigation for September 28.

A committee spokesperson told CNN that the hearing will focus on the constitutional and legal questions Republicans are raising about Biden.

Sandy Weyer, age 57 at the time, entered the Capitol on Jan. 6 on the East side of the building, the same side where Brandon Straka stood outside with his bullhorn and the same side where Dr. Simone Gold entered.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan laid into Attorney General Merrick Garland in a Wednesday hearing, demanding to know why the Justice Department had allowed potential charges against Hunter Biden to lapse.

'BLISSFULLY IGNORANT!': Gaetz Destroys Garland for Ignoring Biden Corruption [WATCH] MikeRivero Wed, 09/20/2023 - 13:03

During Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Hill, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) went hard at Attorney General Merrick Garland for being “blissfully ignorant” on the Biden family corruption.

“It’s like you’re looking the other way on purpose because everyone knows this stuff is happening! People don’t take bribes to get nothing in return.”

Watch the heated exchange below.

This is one very evil little man.  No wonder Barack Obama wanted him on the US Supreme Court!

After indicting the leading presidential candidate in America on bogus, manufactured, partisan charges Merrick Garland had the nerve on Wednesday to compare his ancestors fleeing Eastern Europe during the Holocaust to his lawless targeting, indicting and imprisoning of conservative Americans.

Here is an example of lawless Merrick Garland’s record of tyranny:

The parents of alleged crypto-fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried were involved in Democrat dark money and 2020 election tactics deemed 'illegal' by a right-leaning political research firm.

In a raft of glowing reviews, Hunter Biden’s 2019 memoir “Beautiful Things” was celebrated as an “unflinchingly honest” (Entertainment Weekly), “confession and an act of contrition” (Guardian), that was “candid” and “doesn’t hold back details” (New York Times) of his

No Big Deal: Newsom Defends Hunter Biden Influence Peddling Scheme MikeRivero Wed, 09/20/2023 - 12:14

California Governor Gavin Newsom, who will undoubtedly be decanted if and when Joe Biden can't manage to mount a 2024 campaign, says that Hunter Biden's alleged influence peddling scheme - in which prominent foreign businessmen, including the "fucking spy chief of China," paid the Biden family millions to affect US policy while Joe was VP - is no big deal.