"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it" -- Mark Twain

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Brandon Calls ICC Arrest Warrant for Bibi Outrageous, Confirms Eternal Allegiance to Baby-Killing Jews MikeRivero

Brandon is between a rock and a hard Jewish cock.

He keeps trying to say he’s against the genocide, because everyone on earth hates him because he supports the genocide.

But then he comes out and supports the genocide again.

The Vietnamization of Ukraine MikeRivero

As Ukraine’s defeat in the war moves closer, the neocons are desperate to draw the US further into the fight. Over the weekend, former US State Department official Victoria Nuland told ABC News that the US must help facilitate Ukrainian missile attacks deep inside Russian territory. The Biden Administration has to this point avoided involvement in such attacks, likely because Russian president Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia will strike any facility that supplies or facilitates strikes inside of Russia, wherever they may be.

The presidency is powerful—entirely too powerful. Through mission creep, popular acclaim, and abandonment of responsibility by the legislative branch, the nation's chief executive has gained near-unilateral authority to wage war and is rapidly acquiring similarly monarchical say over domestic policy. But the office is still elected. The American people are entitled to job interviews with hopeful candidates.

When everyone who was able to flee from Gaza was doing so, Dr. David Hasan made the reverse journey. His story is a must-read for every Israeli

ד"ר דוד חסן

Hasan. "I walked around the hospital and looked, searched and asked everyone if they had seen, heard or knew anything about the Israeli hostages."Credit: Allison Joyce/AFP

Obamas Secretary Of Defense Says U.S. Political Leaders Are Failing At This MikeRivero

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that American political leaders are not doing a good job with educating the public about the importance of foreign policy issues and their impact on things in the United States.

Webmaster addition: Meaning that nobody is buying the propaganda, especially since that whopper about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction!