Thought for the day

"It has become apparent that whole masses of human population are, as a whole, inferior in their claim upon the future, to other masses, that they cannot be given opportunities or trusted with power as the superior peoples are trusted, that their characteristic weaknesses are contagious and detrimental to the civilizing fabric, and that their range of incapacity tempts and demoralizes the strong. To give them equality is to sink to their level, to protect and cherish them is to be swamped in their fecundity. " -- H.G. Wells' in "Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress upon Human Life and Thought" 1901

These photos, taken by Farm Security Administration photographer Arthur Rothstein, show cowboys and friends at Quarter Circle U Ranch in Big Horn County, Montana as they gather their herds for the seasonal roundup. Roundups were conducted within a specific amphitheater area and were not used to move cattle from one point to another. Instead, roundup was the process of gathering and gathering all the cattle that were grazing in that specific area. Roundup was held twice a year, in spring and fall. Spring Roundup was an opportunity to gather all the calves together to be branded and counted, so a rancher knew exactly how many calves were born that year. In addition to the branding, Cowboys differentiated the market-era steers (known as "beeves") that were sold.