Thought for the day

"It doesn’t even matter if you find what you’re searching for. It’s the fact that you’re searching is the only thing that matters." -- Jason Breshears, author of Archaix

Some good things come out of war, and the image of this young couple embracing lifeless bodies for days on the road strikes a chord in even the toughest observers of all sides of the conflict. Killed by sniper bullets, the bodies of childhood sweethearts lay in their final embrace for seven days. By the time they were eventually removed from Sarajevo's Vrbanja Bridge – still embroiled in them – they had become symbols of enduring love caught in a senseless war. This is the story of Romeo and Juliet of Bosnia. The Siege of Sarajevo (1992–1996), part of the Wars of Yugoslavia, was responsible for destroying the lives, families and futures of many residents. Nothing is more tragic than the story of childhood sweethearts Bosco Brikic and his girlfriend of nine years, Admira Ismic. What's different about this love story is that she was a Bosnian Serb or Orthodox Christian, and she was a Bosniak Muslim. There was an unexpected love between two 25-year-olds in the midst of an ethnic conflict. As the siege got progressively worse, those who could have survived did so. Bosco's father died, and the rest of his family lived in Serbia. He could have survived alone. He did not do so and decided to stay with Admira in Sarajevo until life became too difficult. After a year under siege, the couple decide to flee to Bosco's family.