"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it" -- Mark Twain

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Average Americans are feeling more anxious about money than ever before. After enduring one financial disruption after another, it’s hard to feel positive when you don’t know what’s around the corner. Experts called it “financial shock fatigue,” – a phenomenon that helps to explain why so many people are worried about their financial security right now. U.S. workers have seen their purchasing power sharply decline in recent years while the cost of everything has ballooned. Many of them are barely staying afloat at the end of each month.

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Maybe we should rephrase the slogan to “you’ll appear to own things you don’t actually control and be happy.”

The World Economic Forum’s catchphrase you’ll own nothing and be happy was widely mocked as an eyebrow-raising vision of a “sharing economy” future without the implicit agency granted by full ownership. Renting stuff that one needed only for one-time use has long been a market, and car-sharing makes sense for urban dwellers who only need a vehicle on occasion.

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Our society does not have an antisemitism crisis. It doesn’t have a crisis of far left radicalism, Islamist extremism, support for terrorism, or fomenting of dissent by foreign powers.

Our society has a moral crisis. A cruelty crisis. An imperialism crisis. A militarism crisis. A propaganda crisis. An insincerity crisis. A stupidity crisis. An obedience crisis.

Empire managers and imperial spinmeisters try to pretend there’s some horrifying existential emergency involving hatred of Jews or love of Hamas or some other ridiculous nonsense in our society, because the empire too is in a state of crisis. People are waking up from its lullaby of propaganda and are rejecting its narrative manipulation like never before, which is why instead of relenting and accepting the empire’s destruction of Gaza, opposition to it is only growing stronger.

So the authorized custodians of imperial narratives flail around desperately trying to regain some control by spinning all the civil disobedience we are seeing in a way that makes it seem like some sort of problem which needs to be fixed. But as Howard Zinn said, “Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience.”

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The request of the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor for an arrest warrant against Israel's prime minister and defense minister as well as three Hamas leaders puts Israel in a diplomatic reality it has never confronted before.

In the short term, and for the first time, it puts the Israeli leadership in danger of a real international threat in wake of its decision to continue the war in Gaza. In the long run, if the arrest warrants will be issued, we are liable to find ourselves within a diplomatic avalanche, with possible far-reaching effects on economic, scientific and trade relations, and on other areas as well.

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One Friday morning in January, office telephones in the city hall of Modi'in Ilit fell silent. Employees who were in the building quickly realized that something unusual was happening. They were locked out of their computers, unable to access files and emails. The reason only became clear a few days later: a sophisticated cyberattack had taken over the city government's computer network and shut it down.

The ultra-Orthodox settlement in the West Bank is large by Israeli standards, with a population of around 84,000. Residents seeking services were unable to reach the city government. Education, social services and other departments could not work or call each other; the main switchboard was down. "I came in the morning and everything crashed," a senior city official told Haaretz. "We first tried to restore the system, but were told it would take time." He says that for several days employees were told it was just a malfunction; the reason – a cyberattack – was kept from them, and even now they have been told almost nothing.

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The spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces (YAF) says the country’s air defense units have successfully shot down an American MQ-9 Reaper drone while it was conducting hostile activities in the airspace over the central province of Bayda.

Yahya Saree said in a televised statement on Tuesday that the unmanned aerial vehicle was targeted with a locally made surface-to-air missile, and that footage of shootdown will be released later.

According to Saree, this is the fifth aircraft that the Yemeni air defenses have shot down since the start of the operations in support of Palestinians in Gaza amid the Israeli regime’s genocidal war.

The spokesperson affirmed that Yemeni Armed Forces will continue to enhance their defense capabilities in order to confront the joint US-British aggression against their homeland, and will carry on conducting pro-Palestine operations until the Israeli aggression against Gaza ceases and the all-out siege on the coastal sliver is fully lifted.

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One of NATO’s primary missions is to spread instability throughout the world, using the military-industrial complex to bully and intimidate countries non-compliant with a militant anti-family anti-God agenda flowing out of Western capitals and promoted by Western media.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg asserted on Friday the alliance’s commitment to defending the rights of LGBTQ individuals, aligning with numerous Western officials, institutions, and organizations in commemorating the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia.

Author Jose Nino summed it up nicely in a piece for Big League Politics:

“The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is committed to spreading degenerate values abroad.  With Russia seemingly making major gains against NATO-backed Ukrainian forces in Eastern Ukraine, NATO leaders have been engaging in bizarre virtue signaling to divert attention away from the abject failure of this proxy war against Russia.

“Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 24, 2022, NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has been particularly vocal about NATO’s values and why it’s an institution that has to be trusted despite its long track record of causing instability abroad — from Serbia all the way to Libya.”

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The collective shrug with which the Western media and political class noted the attempted assassination of Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has been telling.

Can you imagine the outrage and emotion that would have been expressed by Western powers if not Fico but a pro-Ukraine, anti-Russian leader within the EU had been attacked? The new orders for weapons that would have been presented to the arms manufacturers, the troops that would have been deployed, the sabres that would have been rattled?

Instead we have the media telling us that Fico opposed sending arms to Ukraine and opposed threatening Russia. We are told he did not accept the mainstream narrative on Covid vaccinations. The media do not quite say he deserved to be shot, but they come very, very close.

Fellow EU leaders followed correct form in making statements of shock and disgust at the attack on Fico, but they were formal and perfunctory. The “not actually one of us” message was very clear.

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It was the pictures of Palestinians swimming and sunning at a Gaza beach that rubbed Yehuda Shlezinger, an Israeli journalist, the wrong way. Stylish in round red glasses and a faint scruff of beard, Mr. Shlezinger unloaded his revulsion at the “disturbing” pictures while appearing on Israel’s Channel 12.

“These people there deserve death, a hard death, an agonizing death, and instead we see them enjoying on the beach and having fun,” complained Mr. Shlezinger, the religious affairs correspondent for the widely circulated right-wing Israel Hayom newspaper. “We should have seen a lot more revenge there,” Mr. Shlezinger unrepentantly added. “A lot more rivers of Gazans’ blood.”

It would be nice to think that Mr. Shlezinger is a fringe figure, or that Israelis would be shocked by his bloody fantasies. But he’s not, and many wouldn’t be.

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“The historical mission of our world revolution is to rearrange a new culture of humanity to replace the previous social system. This conversion and re-organization of global society requires two essential steps: firstly, the destruction of the old established order, secondly, design and imposition of the new order. The first stage requires elimination of all frontier borders, nationhood and culture, public policy ethical barriers and social definitions, only then can the destroyed old system elements be replaced by the imposed system elements of our new order.

The first task of our world revolution is Destruction. All social strata and social formations created by traditional society must be annihilated, individual men and women must be uprooted from their ancestral environment, torn out of their native milieus, no tradition of any type shall be permitted to remain as sacrosanct, traditional social norms must only be viewed as a disease to be eradicated, the ruling dictum of the new order is; nothing is good so everything must be criticized and abolished, everything that was, must be gone.

After destruction of the old order, construction of the new order is a larger and more difficult task. We will have torn out the old limbs from their ancient roots in deep layers, social norms will be lying disorganised and anarchic so they must be blocked against new cultural forms and social categories naturally re-emerging. The general masses will have been first persuaded to join as equals in the first task of destroying their own traditional society and economic culture, but then the new order must be forcibly established through people again being divided and differentiated only in accordance with the new pyramidal hierarchical system of our imposed global monolithic new world order.

Capitalism must be condemned as a fundamental misfortune caused by the wealth of capitalist power exploiting the false separation between the high rulers and the oppressed exploited masses. The masses must be induce to repudiate the concept of personal wealth and personal rights, this second task will also be solved only by virtue of the great guiding principle of the subordinating militaristic spirit in which superior ranks impose order on inferiors, new world order: “which will bring the true aristocratic principle of “might is right” in the those who can rule – shall rule”.” -- Nahum Goldman in his book "Spirit of Militarism.

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