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Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.) asked Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, whether the FDA is conducting active surveillance and if there are any specific health markers they’re studying that may signal trends requiring further inquiry.

“Every time we go through and do the safety surveillance, we start back, and it goes back to 2020. In some cases where we’re looking for certain things, we might use a different window, but indeed, we have to look from the beginning of the period of surveillance. I can turn it over to Dr. Jernigan because he can speak for CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] in that regard,” Dr. Marks said.

“So with regard to myocarditis, we certainly have been monitoring the issue with various different data systems. I think the most recent data really demonstrates that you’re about eight times less likely to get myocarditis if you’re vaccinated compared to those that are unvaccinated,” Dr. Daniel Jernigan, director of the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases at the CDC responded.

Rep. Malliotakis told Jernigan she wanted to know about “everything,” not just myocarditis.

Dr. Jerrigan asked her to repeat the question, and she asked again whether the FDA was conducting extended safety surveillance on early recipients of COVID-19 vaccines.

Most of the reports that we get of adverse events are in the few weeks following the vaccination,” Jernigan said. In terms of monitoring these over time, Jernigan said the agency has “vaccine effectiveness” systems in place at the CDC.

Neither Jernigan nor Marks referenced any active surveillance initiatives being undertaken by their agencies to monitor people who received the original COVID-19 vaccines for long-term health effects.

There is no system in place for long-term vaccine safety surveillance in this country,” Ms. Liz Willner, founder of OpenVAERS, told The Epoch Times.

Claire's Observations:  I would really love to know from where, precisely, Dr. Jernigan gets the data about people being 8 times less likely to suffer myocarditis, post-vaccination; this is very cold comfort to the families of people who died of myocarditis, post vaccination, or who were injured for life, post-vaccination.

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The Death Of Navalny

Cutting Through The Propaganda

News of Alexei Navalny's death in a Russian prison prompted a lot of dishonest and bad takes. Let's cut through the propaganda by highlighting some of the best and most informative takes on this news. Following that, we'll close with a brief hedged investing update. 

Did Putin Have Navalny Killed? 

Possibly, but given current information, Navalny's death seems similar to that of Gonzalo Lira: both regime opponents in ill health who likely received poor treatment in prison (though as Zero Hedge noted, Biden is making hay of Navalny's death while he said nothing about Lira's). As our friend Sergei Witte pointed out, Navalny's health had been weakened by a hunger strike.

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After the shock discovery of thousands of tons of illegal Ukraine rapeseed at a fuel, gas train and truck depot near the Ukraine border, Polish farmers vowed to step-up their actions against all food imports from outside the EU and increase pressure on Brussels and the Polish government to abandon the implementation of ‘Green Deal’ and outlaw uncontrolled mass food imports entering Poland.

NSZZ RI Solidarity on 9 February 2024, announced a 30-day farmers’ general strike, which was met with unprecedented support from the entire agricultural community and the public.

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The United States has become so utterly dependent upon an uninterrupted supply of affordable electricity that, as our grid becomes ever more fragile, American society has become fragile along with it.

Former CIA director James Woolsey testified before the U.S. Senate in 2015 that, if America’s electric grid were to go down for an extended period, such as one year, “there are essentially two estimates on how many people would die from hunger, from starvation, from lack of water, and from social disruption.

“One estimate is that within a year or so, two-thirds of the United States population would die,” Mr. Woolsey said. “The other estimate is that within a year or so, 90 percent of the U.S. population would die.”

Chris Keefer, president of Canadians for Nuclear Energy, concurred.

“The energy grid is a civilizational life support system, and without it, modern society collapses very quickly,” he said. 

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New York Governor Kathy Hochul attempted to reassure business owners in New York that they have nothing to fear after the state’s Attorney General fleeced $355 million from President Trump for running a business in the state.

Hochul told John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM where she was asked if other New York businesspeople should be worried that if “they can do that to the former president, they can do that to anybody.”

According to Hochul: “I think that this is really an extraordinary unusual circumstance that the law-abiding and rule-following New Yorkers who are business people have nothing to worry about because they’re very different than Donald Trump and his behavior.”

Good luck with that, Kathy. Trump was fined for taking out loans, paying them back on time and with interest. The banks said they would be happy to loan him money in the future and there were no victims in the made-up crime.

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The United States has said it will block another resolution that will soon be presented at the United Nations urging a ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza.

Algeria has proposed a new resolution be put to a vote on Tuesday at the UN Security Council (UNSC) that seeks an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian group that governs Gaza, while also demanding an “immediate and unconditional release of all hostages”.

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Republican lawmakers are accusing the State Department of threatening to obstruct their investigation into “censorship” of companies in the United States.

House Small Business Committee Republicans have continued to request grant records from the State Department’s Global Engagement Center for an inquiry into “government censorship and revenue interference of American small businesses by proxy,” which the committee launched after a series of Washington Examiner reports on the interagency group funding the Global Disinformation Index, a British think tank blacklisting conservative media from advertising dollars. Now, the Biden administration is asserting it may resort to letting the GOP-led panel review documents solely under in camera supervision, which lawmakers say is a “veiled threat to further impede” their investigation, letters show.

“Not only is this an impermissible standard, but it improperly hinders congressional oversight,” House Small Business Committee Chairman Roger Williams (R-TX) and Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R-TX) wrote in a letter Friday to GEC special envoy James Rubin and Naz Durakoglu, assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs. The letter once more asked the GEC to turn over lists of subcontractors and grant recipients, among other records, plus an internal document titled “2023.02.14 GEC-GDI-BLACKLIST.docx” and for a briefing.

Webmaster addition:  So ... the government is censoring the censorship investigation?

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This move, which comes as the war approaches its second year, could potentially open the door for an advance by Russian forces.

The decision to withdraw was announced amidst a severe ammunition shortage in Ukraine, with much-needed military aid from the United States stalled in Congress for months. The objective of this strategic retreat, according to Kyiv, is to prevent Ukrainian troops from being entirely encircled by Russian forces after months of intense combat.

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The state court judge appointed to preside in the Georgia racketeering case against former President Donald Trump once worked for Fani T. Willis, the current Fulton County, Georgia, district attorney who obtained the indictment.

Judge Scott F. McAfee, 34, is “brand-new on the bench,” according to Law360. He became a judge in February after his December 2022 appointment to fill a vacancy by Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. McAffee is the newest judge on the 19-member Fulton County superior court.

The Washington Post, the New York Times, Reuters and Axios also have stories.

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Beijing could plunder more than $100billion from US taxpayer funding thanks to a 'naïve' plan by Joe Biden to boost the American renewable industry, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Exclusive industry data shows China has already planted its flag on a dozen green energy projects that could benefit from uncapped tax credits.

The scheme, which could cost the US taxpayer $1.2trillion overall, was designed to improve American competitiveness in sectors that China currently dominates, including solar and electric vehicles.

But experts are now warning it could in fact allow Chinese firms to 'extend their global monopoly' and 'dominate' the US market.

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