“It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them. … “What good fortune for those in power that the people do not think.” — Adolf Hitler

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An interesting question to ponder centers on social unrest and whether those with the job to protect property would follow orders if told to shoot looters. Of course, the type of violence I’m alluding to extends far beyond anything we have seen in America or most western countries. Why people loot and how governments react is the issue. You can call it martial law if you like, but whatever name you place on it, those holding the power and the guns make the final decision.

Progressive leaders in some areas are no longer treating theft of $950 or less as felonies but as misdemeanors. This has led to a wave of smash-and-grab robberies. How do you stop this sort of growing social disorder from getting out of hand?Of course, the flaw in thinking you can create a goon squad to control the masses is that your enforcers may begin to sympathize with those they are employed to suppress. 

Considering how the military is moving towards more automated weapons that kill, it is difficult to think these weapons will not eventually find their way into law enforcement.To those in power, the great thing about robots and mechanical autonomous guards is they will carry out their missions as programed. Rest assured when push comes to shove those displaced from the job market and only able to scrape by will find they are only given enough to ensure they remain docile and behave. If and when this becomes an issue conflict and violence will rise.

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by Tyler Durden

Ahead of the "Russia and China: Cooperation in a New Era" conference in Moscow on Thursday, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) Director General Ivan Timofeev told Russian state-owned news agency Tass about the increasing likelihood of a full-scale war between Russia and the West. 

"A full-scale war is not is not a foregone conclusion, but unfortunately, its likelihood is growing," Timofeev said in an interview with Tass. He said, "One option is that there will be a great rise in confrontation between us. At the root of this is the Ukraine issue, as the West continues to provide large-scale military assistance to Kyiv."

At a separate meeting on Thursday, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg told foreign ministers about the need to allow Ukraine to use Western weapons to penetrate deep inside Russia.

Timofeev warned about the rising possibility of a direct conflict with NATO:

"A number of officials, particularly in France and the United Kingdom, have said that individual military units from NATO countries may be deployed to Ukraine. If they take part in military operations against Russian forces, they will become a legitimate target for our army.

"Let’s hope this possible escalation involves conventional arms and not nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, NATO is spending ten times as much as Russia - if not more - on defense. It’s certainly a dangerous scenario."

The RIAC director general continued: 

"The NATO leadership has made statements that no troops will be sent to Ukraine, and a number of EU politicians have said that this is counterproductive. That means they aren’t united on the issue."

Timofeev added:

"As for Russia, we must take every possible scenario into account. We have the capacity to deter these threats.

"However, such a scenario will cause irreparable damage to everyone." 

He concluded that the West will likely continue assisting Ukraine through weapons and equipment supplies, indicating these "dividing lines between" Russia and the West "may be there for decades."

Claire's Observations: Mr. Tomofeev, a word please;  the US particularly cannot afford to be doing this for decades!  Our country is dead broke https://www.statista.com/statistics/273294/public-debt-of-the-united-states-by-month/ with a $34 trillion dollar deficit (at least that we know about), and no damned way out of it, than anyone can see.

The recent prisoner exchange, mediated by the UAE, is a good step in good faith, which is always a positive development.  

But SOMEONE  in the West, and NATO, had better  sit Zelinsky down, and let him know that his only option is to sue for peace, and get the best possible deal from Russia he can, and right now, quickly following through on President Putin's current remark, that he would be happy with a cease fire along existing border lines. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/putin-wants-ukraine-ceasefire-current-frontlines-sources-say-2024-05-24/

The West and NATO, whose weaponry has been decimated and turned into target practice by the Russian Military, needs to listen, and sir, right the heck now.

The very wealthy people in Congress wanted this war, because it supports their investments in the military/industrial complex.

The American people NEVER signed on for this, never voted for it,  and absolutely have no stomach for this lousy, failing proxy war!!!

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Donald Trump attorney Todd Blanche told the "Today" show on Friday that the former president's defense team in the New York case was "expecting" a guilty verdict. He noted that they plan to appeal.

On Thursday, a jury found Trump guilty of all 34 counts of falsifying business records, Blaze News previously reported. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) filed the charges against the former president last year.

'I don't accept that this was a fair place to try President Trump.'

"This was a verdict that we were expecting. We're going to appeal, and we're going to win on appeal," Blanche told the news outlet. "The goal is to appeal quickly and hopefully be vindicated quickly."

Blanche stated that Trump's defense team was neither shocked nor surprised by the outcome of the case.

"We didn't think we were gonna get a fair shake in Manhattan, and we didn't," he told the "Today" show.

Trump's attorney explained that there was "a lot of evidence" in the case that should have been presented to jurors but was rejected.

"We asked to bring in evidence, for example, of tax records of some of the witnesses. That was one of the theories of the prosecution. We weren't allowed to do that. There's a reliance on counsel theory that would have been, we believe, helpful to our defense that we were not allowed to bring in," Blanche continued. "The judge, as judges can do, limited in lots of ways our cross-examination of witnesses that made it a challenge."

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Sen. Joe Manchin will not be running for reelection. The so-called moderate seemed to think he could not stay in office, being a Democrat in a deep red state. People speculated over his future, but he has declined to run for president.

Manchin has long criticized Democrats, especially President Joe Biden. He has further accused both parties of “extremism.” Although most of the extremism appears to be coming from the left.

Now, this week, he has made a sudden announcement. It came on the very day Trump was convicted by Democrats.

From Newsmax:
Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced Friday he has registered as an independent, raising questions about his future political plans…

“Today, our national politics are broken and neither party is willing to compromise to find common ground,” Manchin said. “To stay true to myself and remain committed to put country before party, I have decided to register as an independent with no party affiliation and continue to fight for America’s sensible majority.”

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President Joe Biden has authorized Ukraine to use U.S.-supplied weapons to strike Russian forces attacking or preparing to attack the Kharkiv region, according to a U.S. official. The decision marks a significant shift in the long-standing U.S. policy that prevented Ukraine from using American firepower to hit targets inside Russian territory.

“The President recently directed his team to ensure that Ukraine is able to use US-supplied weapons for counter-fire purposes in the Kharkiv region so Ukraine can hit back against Russian forces that are attacking them or preparing to attack them,” the U.S. official said Thursday.

However, the official clarified that Ukraine is still not permitted to use long-range U.S. weapons, such as the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), to strike military targets deep inside Russia. “Our policy with respect to prohibiting the use of ATACMS or long-range strikes inside of Russia has not changed,” the official added.

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Donald Trump has officially been convicted by a jury in what I consider to be the biggest political show trial to ever take place in this country; guilty on 34 felony charges of falsifying business records. I encourage you to check out all of my colleagues at sites like HotAir, RedState, and Townhall for extensive coverage on the verdict, its impact, and the aftermath. Most of that will fall outside of our Second Amendment content, but there is one angle worth talking about... even if it's probably not Trump's biggest concern at the moment. 

While his felony conviction may or may not have an impact on his electoral chances (and quite possibly end up working to his advantage), it's now officially resulted in Trump losing his Second Amendment rights. In fact, for the first time in U.S. history there's a very good chance that the next commander-in-chief will be in charge of the military while prohibited from touching a firearm or a round of ammunition. 

I think there's an incredibly strong change that Trump's conviction will be thrown out on appeal, but that could still be years away. In the meantime, the Supreme Court is probably Trump's best bet to keep his Second Amendment rights intact, and the Court's impeding decision in U.S. v. Rahimi provides a perfect vehicle for the justices to give Trump and others convicted of non-violent felonies relief from current federal law. 

In Rahimi, the justices are expected to decide whether someone subject to a domestic violence restraining order can be prohibited from possessing or purchasing a firearm. We don't know how the Court will rule, but it's certainly not out of the question that a majority will conclude that Zachey Rahimi and others in similar circumstances can be barred from owning a gun; not solely because of a domestic violence restraining order, but based on a particularized finding of "dangerousness". 

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Adolf Hitler’s father was Alois Schicklgruber, the bastard child of Maria Schicklgruber, who changed his name to Hitler to hide the fact that he was an illegitimate child. Many historians have claimed that Maria was impregnated by Baron Rothschild when she worked for him. The Rothschilds have been known to breed thousands of illegitimate children under different names to serve the family’s agenda. And their name isn’t really Rothschild. In the late eighteenth century, Mayer Amschel Bauer was the private banker for the Black Nobility through the House of Hesse, and changed the family name just before expanding the family business.

Rothschild means, “Red Shield,” which was their company logo. A six-pointed star which has become known as the Star of David. This was not a Jewish symbol, it was introduced by the Rothschilds who later funded the Zionists. And in 1948, Rothschild influence compelled the state of Israel to adopt the hexagram as their national symbol.

In the late 1800s, Cecil Rhodes set up a secret society to preserve the expansion of the British Empire. Known as the Milner group, their main focus from 1920 to 1938 was to maintain the balance of power in Europe by building up Germany and pitting them against France and Russia. They discussed creating a situation that would compel Germany to start a second World War.

During this time, the reparations from the Treaty of Versailles led to hyper-inflation in Germany. And in 1930, as the international banking system was collapsing, the Young Plan was enacted which required Germany to pay about two billion Reichsmarks annually payable through 1988. This scheme was funded by JP Morgan, led by the founder of RCA, and directed by members of the Milner group. It broke the German economy.

In 1933, Hitler secured funding from the Bank of England, which was run by the Rothschild banking dynasty. This deal was brokered by John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles, who later headed the CIA.

With initial funding from the Rothschild bank of England, Germany invaded Poland and received additional funding from the Bush family’s Brown Brothers Harriman. The Germans were fueled by Standard Oil and supported by Ford, General Electric, DuPont, and IBM, all of which profited greatly from the war.

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Alex Soros, the son of left-wing activist and billionaire George Soros, suggested Democrats mention that former President Donald Trump is a “convicted felon at every opportunity” they get.

Soros wrote in a post on X that “repetition is the key to a successful message” and that Democrats want American citizens to “wrestle” with having to vote for a “convicted felon” in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

The jury in Trump’s business records trial found the former president guilty on all 34 counts on Thursday.

“Democrats should refer to Trump as a convicted felon at every opportunity,” Soros wrote in his post. “Repetition is the key to a successful message and we want people to wrestle with the notion of hiring a convicted felon for the most important job in the country!”

In April 2023, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged Trump with 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree concerning payments made to adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential election.

Webmaster addition: This is already backfiring!

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VSU tanker Maxim Likhachev  "dialed" Volga 149.200 channel and arranged with Russians his surrender... in T-64 tank, which protected him from shots in the back from his "fellow" VSU barrier troops. Obviously VSU thought that this "armor group" broke through Russians defenses, which technically was correct. VSU immediately reported a "success". Boy, have they been let down. Here is video of Likhachev surrendering with the tank and after a few seconds of necessary battlefield procedures you can see how Russian soldiers change their attitude after he is taken in. They pat him on the shoulder and the guy, at his 39 years of age, will have a good meal, shower and sleep in a long time before being debriefed by counterintel. He saved his life... and lives of others too. It is a remarkable video in so many respects and idiosyncrasies which are beyond the grasp of NATO "Russia experts".

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by Tyler Durden

Zelensky and his Western backers, especially the US and UK, have long claimed that it's 'impossible' to sit down with Russia at the negotiating table. Zelensky even just six months into the war had vowed not to re-enter negotiations with Moscow until Putin is no longer in power.

But as if inadvertently illustrating that negotiations are actually very possible and within reach, Ukraine has announced a successful major prisoner swap, which is a first in nearly four months.

Via Associated Press

The Friday swap involved each side sending back 75 POWs. A representative for the Ukrainian side, Vitalii Matviienko, said that "Ukraine is always ready" in response to the question of why these swaps had stalled in the last months. But ultimately each side has blamed the other for lack of more rapid progress.

Like with prior swaps, it was reportedly accomplished with the mediation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 150 total from both sides were freed in the rare successful deal.

According to an Associated Press description of the returned Ukrainians:

The Ukrainian POWs, including four civilians, were returned on several buses that drove into the northern Sumy region. As they disembarked, they shouted joyfully and called their families to tell them they were home. Some knelt and kissed the ground, while many wrapped themselves in yellow-blue flags.

They hugged one another, breaking into tears. Many appeared emaciated and poorly dressed.

Ukraine’s Coordination Headquarters for Treatment of POWs has said that Friday's swap brings to the total number of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians freed since the war began to 3,210.

"Throughout all of this time, we have not stopped working for a single day to bring everyone home from Russian captivity," Ukraine's President Zelensky stated in the aftermath.  

His office further described "These are privates, sergeants and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," and posted images of the newly freed Ukrainians on state social media channels.

Claire's Observations:  Bless the UAE for being "the adults in the room" to have mediated this prisoner swap!!!

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Poland is ready to provide training to draft-age Ukrainians living in its territory, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said.

"Poland has considered Ukraine’s request about training [of Ukrainian troops in Ukraine] and we arrived at a conclusion that it would be safer and more efficient to train a unit of Ukrainians [living] in Poland who are eligible for the draft. This will be the most efficient way to help Ukraine," the PAP agency quoted him as saying after an informal meeting on NATO foreign ministers in Prague.

On April 11, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada, or parliament, passed a law toughening mobilization rules. The law came into effect on May 18. Under the law, draft-age Ukrainians living aboard must return to Ukraine to get registered with a military recruitment office again to obtain an electronic military service card they will need to receive consular services in Ukraine’s overseas missions.

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Poland’s current leadership made a promise to the United States to directly participate in the war against Russia at Washington’s request, former Polish judge Tomasz Schmidt, who left for Belarus because of disagreement with Warsaw's policies, has said.

He recalled that in early March, Polish President Andrzej Duda and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk met with US President Joe Biden in Washington.

"According to my knowledge, the results of that meeting were as follows: Poland committed itself, should such a request come from the US, to participate directly in the war," Schmidt said on Russia’s TV Channel One.

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In March 2024, the European Union (EU) increased purchases of Russian metals. The ramp-up mainly stems from a significant rise in demand from Belgium and Germany, Sputnik has assessed, based on the bloc’s statistics.

In March, Moscow became the second main supplier of iron and steel to the EU, increasing its exports by 1.7 times, up to 328 million euros (in monthly terms). This is the highest number since May 2023, when EU countries bought 369 million euros' worth of these metals.

Belgium became the number one buyer, as the country increased its imports by 3.5 times, up to 130.5 million euros. This was Belgium’s largest purchase since June 2022. Italy increased its purchases by 25%, to 85 million euros, and Denmark did so by 30%, to 35.1 million euros.

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NATO has sent billions of dollars-worth of sophisticated air and missile defenses to Kiev among the $200 billion+ in support committed to date for the proxy war against Russia. The Russian military has used a combination of missiles, heavy glide bombs and drones to gradually grind the Western-supplied equipment into dust.

The Western Bloc’s European allies have only an infinitesimal fraction of the air defense capabilities its Eastern European members would need to stave off Russia if the proxy conflict in Ukraine expanded into a direct Russia-NATO confrontation.

That’s the concern of officials familiar with the alliance’s internal calculations, as cited by the Financial Times. Officials told the UK-based business newspaper that NATO presently has “less than 5 percent” of the capacity necessary to defend its so-called eastern flank with Russia in the event of a “full-scale attack.”

“[Air and missile defense capabilities are] a major part of the plan to defend Eastern Europe from invasion. And right now, we don’t have that,” an anonymous senior NATO diplomat told the outlet.

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In line with the policy of perpetual war and escalation in Ukraine, officials in EU/NATO countries are flirting with the possibility of moving toward the establishment of the so-called “no-fly zones” (NFZ) over Ukraine. For clarification, NFZ is quite a peculiar euphemism that the political West likes to use when it wants to establish aerial superiority over a country (or at least parts of it) so it could then bomb it and accelerate the process of its destruction and enslavement. That’s precisely what some political and military officials in Europe are openly suggesting.

Namely, Austrian Colonel Markus Reisner and former German Colonel Roderich Kiesewetter are effectively demanding that NATO enforces an NFZ over Western Ukraine. Kiesewetter is also a high-ranking CDU politician and member of Bundestag, Germany’s infamous parliament that recently passed laws protecting child molesters.

Reisner thinks that the Neo-Nazi junta doesn’t stand a chance against Russia and that it needs direct support from the political West, while Kiesewetter is even more direct and insists that NATO and Berlin itself should get more involved. Reisner pointed out the Kiev regime’s massive losses and warned against “false restraint”. This last phrase is quite interesting and shows that the belligerent alliance is indeed knee-deep in the Ukrainian conflict. It’s also clear evidence that NATO only needs to formally announce its involvement, although nothing would really change on the ground. For his part, Kiesewetter is giving far more concrete proposals, such as that the political West should first shoot down Russian missiles and then “defend airspace over Western Ukraine”. Although the very term “Western Ukraine” is rather ambiguous, Kiesewetter gave specific numbers.

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The Russian military has targeted three Soviet-made 9K33 Osa short-range air defense systems of Kiev forces in the Kharkiv direction using Lancet loitering munitions.

Videos of the strikes, which were carried out by the Sever Group of Forces, were posted to social media between May 29 and 31. The strikes destroyed two of the air defense systems. The third sustained light damage only, but it was abandoned by its crew.

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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on May 31 withdrew from parts of the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, expanded operations in the Rafah area in the southern part of the Palestinian enclave and admitted losing two more soldiers during clashes with the Hamas Movement and other armed factions there.

A partial Israeli withdrawal from Jabalia was first reported by Palestinian media and Turkey’s official Anadolu Agency. The IDF later officially confirmed that its 98th Division had wrapped up a nearly three-week-long operation in Jabalia, which left most of the camp in ruins.

A local emergency committee in northern Gaza urged people not to return to their homes and areas in the camp under the current situation. It added that the Israeli army’s drones were targeting people returning to the camp in addition to the hazard remnants left by the Israeli forces.

Separately, the IDF announced for the first time that it was operating in the center of Rafah and called the offensive against Hamas there “precise” and “intelligence-based.” The expansion of ground operation in the heavily-populated area came after Israeli troops imposed full control over the so-called Philadelphi Corridor in southern Rafah along the border with Egypt earlier in the week.

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The United States and the United Kingdom launched another wave of strikes against Yemen late on May 30, allegedly hitting targets of the Iranian-backed Houthis (Ansar Allah).

The U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement that U.S. and British forces had hit 13 targets in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen. In addition, the command said its forces unilaterally destroyed eight Houthi suicide drones over Yemen and the Red Sea.

“It was determined that these UAVs and sites presented a threat to U.S. and coalition forces and merchant vessels in the region,” CENTCOM said. “These actions are necessary to protect our forces, ensure freedom of navigation, and make international waters safer and more secure for U.S., coalition, and merchant vessels.”

Meanwhile, the UK’s Ministry of Defense said that the joint strikes targeted three locations in the western Yemeni province of al-Hodeidah, which it said housed drones and surface-to-air weapons.

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The first group of French military instructors are on their way to Ukraine, senior Ukrainian MP Aleksey Goncharenko said on Friday.

This comes just days after Ukraine’s top commander, Aleksandr Syrsky, announced that he had completed paperwork facilitating the presence of French personnel in the country.

“My sources informed me that the first group of French instructors is already on its way to Ukraine,” Goncharenko, a member of the Ukrainian parliament and delegate to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday evening.

The idea of deploying NATO boots on the ground remains a contentious issue within the US-led bloc, whose members maintain that they are not parties to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Moscow, however, has said that it views Ukraine’s Western backers as direct participants, stressing that Western-supplied weapons are being used to strike targets on Russian soil.

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Russia will not be invited to events marking the 80th anniversary of the World War II D-Day landings because of the Ukraine conflict, the French presidency said on Thursday, as reported by Reuters.

The Allied landing in Normandy, which opened a second front against Nazi Germany in Europe, will be commemorated on June 6. The Allies used over 5,000 ships and landing craft to bring more than 150,000 troops on to five beaches in Normandy in an operation that ultimately led to the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany.

Prior to France’s announcement on Thursday of the latest decision, two diplomatic sources reportedly told Reuters that the Ukraine conflict and unease among some allies about Moscow’s presence had led Paris to reverse its initial thinking.

The French organizers, Liberation Mission, said last month that a Russian delegation could join the events in France but that President Vladimir Putin would not be invited. However, the potential presence of a Russian delegation at the event had reportedly sparked criticism from UK and US officials, with some saying they were caught off-guard.

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The West is bringing the Ukraine conflict to a stage in which it could escalate uncontrollably with potentially global repercussions, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned. His comments came amid reports that many Western countries have given Ukraine permission to use their weaponry to strike deep into Russia.

In a post on Telegram on Friday, Medvedev, who serves as the deputy chief of Russia’s Security Council, stated that Western countries, which are said to have signed off on long-range strikes, must understand that their military equipment and personnel either operating in Ukraine or carrying out attacks on Russia from other countries, “will be destroyed.”

He stressed that Russia considers all long-range systems used by Ukraine to be directly controlled by NATO personnel. “This is not some kind of ‘military assistance, this is taking part in a war against us.”

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This week, the New York jury in the Democrat-led trial against Trump found him guilty. Democrats are ranting across the Internet, claiming that Trump is now a “convicted criminal.”

Huh, Trump was indicted by Democrats, tried by Democrats, and found guilty by Democrats. Does that sound legitimate to you?

His legal team will appeal the ruling. The many problems with this case (such as a Biden donor presiding over it) could be grounds for it to get thrown out. But even if an appeals court refuses, legal experts are calling forth the Supreme Court. And the highest court in the land might have something to say about this sham trial.

From Daily Wire:
The guilty verdict against former President Donald Trump reached by a Manhattan jury on Thursday could ultimately be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court, legal experts said…

Trump’s legal team could make “constitutional arguments that his right to a fair trial was violated.” …

“Ultimately, I think the Supreme Court, if he doesn’t win on appeal, will take this up and reverse,” the attorney said. “This is a political prosecution. We are better than this as a country and this cannot stand.”

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The so-called criminal trial against Donald Trump was heavily tainted from the start. Anyone who thinks it wasn’t politically motivated was proven wrong when Biden’s campaign held an event right outside the courthouse. Soon after the guilty verdict came out, Biden’s campaign issued a statement. Proving, once again, he is trying to use this trial to save his failing chances.

From The Post Millennial:
In the wake of the guilty verdict against his top political rival Donald Trump on Thursday, President Joe Biden and his VP Kamala Harris issued a statement from their campaign. This, as Biden refused to address the nation following that verdict.

“In New York today, we saw that no one is above the law… But today’s verdict does not change the fact that the American people face a simple reality. There is still only one way to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office: at the ballot box.”

Biden clearly thinks this guilty verdict will erase the last four years of failure. The Democrat has wrecked the United States and is largely hated by the country. Yet it seems obvious now that his party was conducting this (and the other) trials to influence the election.

But it doesn’t seem as if Biden, nor his party, is going to get what he wants. Almost immediately after this guilty verdict came out, it started to backfire. Not only did Republicans come out in force, but even members of Joe’s own party started pushing back.

Posted on:

Democrats are celebrating the guilty verdict against Donald Trump. Joe Biden is already campaigning on it, raising money for his crumbling reelection bid. It should come as no surprise that Republican Trump supporters are outraged. And this verdict might end up getting more voters to rally behind him as a result.

But how will establishment Republicans react? These are “moderate” Republicans who have spent decades in the D.C. swamp. Some of them have opposed Trump in the past. Perhaps they will use this result to pile on the Republican candidate.

That does not seem to be the case.

From Breitbart:
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), a moderate who has split with former President Donald Trump in the past, joined the ranks of his supporters Wednesday after the jury in the Manhattan business records trial returned a guilty verdict…

“The district attorney, who campaigned on a promise to prosecute Donald Trump, brought these charges precisely because of who the defendant was rather than because of any specified criminal conduct. The political underpinnings of this case further blur the lines between the judicial system and the electoral system, and this verdict likely will be the subject of a protracted appeals process.”

Posted on:

America was shocked after a Democrat-run prosecution of Donald Trump resulted in a guilty verdict. The entire case was tainted by a judge who openly donated to Joe Biden. And many believe the jurors were biased, coming from a deeply Democrat district.

But if Democrats thought this conviction was going to hamper Trump’s campaign, they were dreaming.

Already, Republicans are coming out of the woodwork over this conviction. GOP heavy hitters are making their voices heard. And, in a stunning rebuke to Joe Biden, Judge Merchan, and leftist prosecutor Alvin Bragg, they are saying this.

From Breitbart:
A host of major GOP donors pledged millions of dollars in support for former President Donald Trump after he was found guilty Thursday on all 34 counts in his Manhattan business records trial…

Reuters reports those donors are more than happy to put their money where their beliefs are and offer financial support to Trump ahead of his resumption of time on the 2024 campaign trail.

Major Republican donors are vowing to raise millions of dollars for Trump, in light of this conviction. They have long viewed this trial as a political witch hunt. Now that the verdict is in, they are not wasting any time to drive support to the Republican candidate.

But Trump doesn’t have to wait. Because seconds after the news hit the airwaves, supporters rushed to back him. So many, in fact, that this happened.

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