"Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens, who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world." -- Thomas Jefferson

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by Tyler Durden

The stablecoin sector is gaining momentum after a new Bloomberg report revealed that Russian commodities firms have adopted fiat-pegged digital currencies to execute cross-border transactions with Chinese counterparts. 

Russian commodities firms, trading anything from base metals to timber, have started using Tether Holdings Ltd.'s stablecoin to settle cross-border transactions with Chinese customers and suppliers. These settlements are being routed through Hong Kong. 

The appeal of stablecoins comes as the US Treasury Department has unleashed endless rounds of sanctions on Chinese and Russian companies for various reasons, ranging from a trade war between Washington and Beijing to a hot war in Eastern Europe. 

The increased utilization of stablecoins comes more than two years after Russia invaded Ukraine and highlights how Moscow has adapted to a changing economic environment where seven Russian banks were banned from the SWIFT messaging system. 

The lasting effect of Western sanctions on Russia's economy only makes stablecoins more useful, including for cross-border transactions. It also helps mitigate the risk of frozen overseas bank accounts—something the Russians found out after they invaded Ukraine. Even unsanctioned Russian companies have found stablecoins a safer alternative to the traditional Western banking system. 

"With stablecoins, the transfer may take just 5-15 seconds and cost a few cents, making such transactions pretty efficient when the sender already has an asset base in stablecoins," said Ivan Kozlov, co-founder of Resolve Labs. 

Kozlov continued, "In countries that are facing dollar liquidity issues and capital controls, cross-border settlements through cryptocurrencies and, specifically, dollar-linked stablecoins, are a relatively common practice, and not only in commodities." 

The growing adoption of stablecoins in Russia's global trade reveals that Western sanctions have failed to implode the Russian economy. There's even been news of the Russian Central Bank experimenting with crypto payments for international transactions. 

About a year ago, Rosbank, one of Russia's major banks, launched a facility that enabled importers to settle transactions using crypto. Since then, additional banks have started offering similar services. 

The stablecoin trend doesn't end with Russia. Venezuela's state-run oil company, PDVSA, has slowly moved oil sales to USDT after the US recently imposed sanctions on the country. 

Even as these developments show cryptocurrencies have use cases, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Neel Kashkari, stated in April, "[Bitcoin has] no actual utility in the economy, other than being a nice toy that some people enjoy owning and trading.

Claire's Observations;  One wonders just how" asleep at the switch"  Kashkari had to be, to make that last observation; I have rarely seen someone be so absolutely dead-wrong in a public statement, and demonstrates that the guy either has utterly no clue what is going on with trade between China and Russia, (or is utterly terrified because he does) and as to how it will improve their ability to trade effectively!!!!

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Ukraine can use Danish F-16 fighter jets to strike military targets in Russia, Danish Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said, the Danish media AmagerLIV reported on May 30.

Ukraine cannot use these aircraft for "arbitrary attacks" on Russia, Rasmussen said.

Ukraine's Armed Forces can target Russian weapons depots.

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Joe Biden's administration has had a field day with redefining English words to push his leftist ideas: "Sex" for example, no longer means whether one is male or female, it's whatever "gender" ideology has been brainwashed into a person.

Even Biden himself has gone over the edge, recently calling those to protested his election on Jan. 6, 2021, as "erectionists," although it's not known for sure if that was an ideological point or simply a brain misfiring.

Now his Department of Labor is insisting on calling women "menstruators."

Webmaster addition: War, open borders, an economy in crisis, and this is what Biden is working on?!?

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Right before Election Day, Biden finally released the names of his ‘bundlers’: the big money fundraisers who backed his 2020 campaign. The David Horowitz Freedom Center’s investigative arm did some last minute sleuthing and found some interesting names on that list.

One of them was ‘Muhammad’ Tahir Javed: a Biden surrogate, Democratic National Committee deputy finance chair, and future Pakistani cabinet member.

Javed bragged that he had “raised over $2M for the Biden Harris transition team” and “recruited 30+ donors to the transition team and general campaign, four of whom were recognized along with myself… to have raised over $100,000 personally.” These donors would have likely come through Javed’s roles in various Islamic and Pakistani groups operating inside America.

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Via Middle East Eye

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is close to becoming king as the health of his elderly father, King Salman, deteriorates; he was recently treated for a lung infection. While Mohammed bin Salman’s succession to the throne may seem inevitable and straightforward, he will face two challenging decisions: appointing a crown prince and designating a deputy crown prince.

When appointing a future crown prince, he theoretically needs to consult Saudi Arabia’s 1992 basic law of governance, which stipulates that rulers are drawn from the male descendants of Ibn Saud, with the “most upright among them” selected for the role. 

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, via AFP

But a 2017 amendment by King Salman notes that after the sons of Ibn Saud, there should be “no king and crown prince belonging to the same branch of the founder king’s descendants.”

In practice, as king, Mohammed bin Salman would have enough power to ignore the amendment and appoint one of his brothers as crown prince - but this would not be without consequences. He would appear even more ruthless in excluding other branches of the House of Saud

Such a move would further alienate the large pool of cousins belonging to important branches, such as al-Fahd and al-Sultan, neither of which has been humiliated like al-Nayef and Allahabad. So far, despite rumors about who Mohammed bin Salman may select as crown prince, the decision has been kept secret.  

It is also uncertain as to whether the future monarch would follow the path of King Abdullah, who created the role of deputy crown prince in 2014 (before dying the following year), fearing a power vacuum if he and his crown prince both died within a short period of time. But the post of deputy crown prince has been vacant since 2017, the year Mohammed bin Salman ascended to the role of crown prince.

Establishing power

King Salman never appointed a deputy crown prince, for two reasons. First, the young age of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was in his early thirties in 2017, made it unlikely that he would die any time soon and require a deputy to step in.

Second, and more importantly, King Salman would have struggled to find a suitable deputy crown prince, as he and his son antagonized several branches of al-Saud lineage, namely Nayef and Abdullah.

Former Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef received the most humiliating blow when he was sidelined after decades of holding highly sensitive and important positions in the interior ministry and intelligence services. He was put under house arrest and has since disappeared from public life.

King Abdullah’s son Mutaib, the former chief of the Saudi Arabian National Guard, was equally humiliated when he was sacked from his military role; he has also disappeared from public life following allegations of corruption.

King Salman and his son have not endeared themselves to these two branches of the royal family and their descendants. The king could still have chosen a deputy crown prince from the other remaining important branches, but he didn’t.

Perhaps King Salman wanted his own son to have time to establish his power base without the patronage of older senior princes, most of whom had held senior positions in government as ministers or military commanders

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by Tyler Durden

Since 1980, there have been 383 extreme weather or climate disasters where the damages reached at least $1 billion. In total, these disasters have cost more than $2.7 trillion.

Created in partnership with the National Public Utilities Council, this chart, via Visual Capitalist's Jenna Ross, shows how these disasters have been increasing with each passing decade.

A Growing Concern

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) tracks each disaster and estimates the cost based on factors like physical damages and time losses such as business interruption. They adjust all costs by the Consumer Price Index to account for inflation.

Both the number and cost of extreme weather disasters has grown over time. In fact, not even halfway through the 2020s the number of disasters is over 70% of those seen during the entire 2010s. 

Severe storms have been the most common, accounting for half of all billion-dollar disasters since 1980. In terms of costs, tropical cyclones have caused the lion’s share—more than 50% of the total. Hurricane Katrina, which made landfall in 2005, remains the most expensive single event with $199 billion in inflation-adjusted costs.

Electricity and Extreme Weather Disasters

With severe storms and other disasters rising, the electricity people rely on is significantly impacted. For instance, droughts have been associated with a decline in hydropower, which is an important source of U.S. renewable electricity generation

Disasters can also lead to significant costs for utility companies. Hawaii Electric faces $5 billion in potential damages claims for the 2023 wildfire, which is nearly eight times its insurance coverage. Lawsuits accuse the company of negligence in maintaining its infrastructure, such as failing to strengthen power poles to withstand high winds

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The long-lost sarcophagus belonging to ancient Egypt's most powerful pharaoh has been found more than 3,000 years after his death.

Archaeologists re-examined a mysterious granite burial found under the floor of a religious center in east-central Egypt, finding it belonged to Ramesses II.

Dubbed Ramses the Great, his reign from 1279 to 1213BC saw colossal statues and buildings erected in what was marked as the last peak of Egypt's imperial power. 

The remains of a high priest were originally found in the sarcophagus, but that new discovery has suggested he removed the pharaoh's mummy and coffin to reuse the burial.

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President Joe Biden has lifted restrictions on Ukraine using weapons supplied by the United States against targets on Russian territory, but only to defend the under-fire Kharkiv region, U.S. officials said Thursday.

Biden has come under increasing pressure from a desperate Ukraine to ease his ban but had so far resisted amid fears it could drag NATO into direct conflict with Moscow.

"The president recently directed his team to ensure that Ukraine is able to use U.S.-supplied weapons for counter-fire purposes in the Kharkiv region so Ukraine can hit back against Russian forces that are attacking them or preparing to attack them," a U.S. official said on condition of anonymity.

"Our policy with respect to prohibiting the use of ATACMS or long-range strikes inside of Russia has not changed," the official said, referring to long-range missiles recently sent by Washington to Kyiv.

A second U.S. official confirmed Biden's change of policy.

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The beginning of the end came in 2017. 

After a New York Times report exposed the supposedly sexually charged “boys’ club” atmosphere at Vice—a magazine started by three boys in 1994—a clutch of employees publicly condemned their employer for its past and demanded that the company that paid their salaries start acting like an entirely different company. 

Vice co-founder and CEO Shane Smith, once a frequent presence in the New York office, retreated to his $50 million L.A. mansion and transferred control of the company to a female CEO, former A&E Networks head Nancy Dubuc. A staff-wide email from Smith and fellow Vice co-founder Suroosh Alvi, sent hours before the Times story dropped, offered an expression of “extreme regret for our role in perpetuating sexism in the media industry and society in general,” which rather overestimated the company’s influence and overstated their sense of contrition.

After all, Vice’s top leadership, in private, was far less acquiescent, bitterly arguing that the Times story was a conclusion in search of supporting anecdotes, with complicating facts ignored to sustain a predetermined narrative. Regardless, profuse apologies were demanded and frequently repeated. But they weren’t enough.

The walls of Vice’s sprawling Brooklyn headquarters were lined with magazine covers charting the company’s transformation from insouciant Canadian post-punk magazine to money-printing media colossus. In early 2018, long before college students discovered that dispatching problematic statues into canals would be reliably met with institutional approval, a group of employees demanded that the covers be removed from the walls. 

Not a specific cover. All of them.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in various industries, and the healthcare sector is no exception. 

Stanford's AI town once went viral across the internet last year, with 25 intelligent agents living and socializing, resembling a real-life Westworld. And now, Chinese researchers have developed an AI hospital town! 

In a recent interview with the Global Times, Chinese researchers shed light on the practical implications of this innovative approach on healthcare.

The concept of an AI hospital town, where virtual patients are treated by AI doctors, holds immense significance for both medical professionals and the general public. The AI hospital aims to train doctor agents through a simulated environment so that it can autonomously evolve and improve its ability to treat disease.

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A U.S. State Department official who quit this week said on Thursday her resignation was precipitated by an administration report to Congress that she said falsely stated Israel was not blocking humanitarian aid to Gaza, prompting her to resign in protest of President Joe Biden's Israel policy.

Stacy Gilbert, who served in the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, was a subject matter expert working on the report.

"There is so clearly a right and wrong, and what is in that report is wrong," Gilbert said in an interview.

The United Nations and aid groups have long complained of the dangers and obstacles to getting aid in and distributing it throughout Gaza.

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A California lawmaker lambasted her own party in a strongly worded speech on the Senate floor last week after Democrats watered down a bill that would make it a felony to purchase or solicit a minor for sex.

State Sen. Susan Eggman criticized fellow progressive members of the Democrat party and told them that “enough is enough” in her May 23 remarks to the chamber, adding that lawmakers have a moral responsibility to protect children.

“We’ve got to move back into the center or we all look like fools and laughingstocks,” the state senator said to the chamber.

“I’d like to say, as a progressive, proud member of this body for the last 12 years, I’m done. I’m done with us protecting people who would buy and abuse our children,” she added.

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Tucker Carlson has said that Donald Trump's guilty verdict is due to the US having imported 'the third world' while saying he will win the November election 'if he's not killed first.' 

The former president was found guilty Thursday on all 34 felony counts after a very brief deliberation. He faces sentencing July 11.

Carlson took to X, where his talk show has relocated since his departure from Fox News, to give his take. 

'Import the Third World, become the Third World. That’s what we just saw. This won’t stop Trump. He’ll win the election if he’s not killed first,' he said.

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Today, a jury in Manhattan convicted former Pres. Donald J. Trump on all the charges brought by Alvin Bragg.  In this miscarriage of justice, Bragg claimed that Trump committed 34 felony violations under New York law for listing as legal expenses in the Trump organization’s business records items that Bragg claimed were actually campaign-related expenses. 

Heritage President Dr. Kevin Roberts made the following statement: 

“This verdict is a travesty to our republic. This was a bogus prosecution engineered by President Biden and his weaponized DOJ that has made the New York justice system look like that of a third-world country where government officials engage in partisan prosecutions against their political opponents. The chief witness was a convicted perjurer who admitted to hating and stealing from his former client. Neither the Federal Election Commission nor the U.S. Department of Justice initiated any enforcement proceedings against Trump for the simple reason that the settlement payment that was at issue in the case was not a campaign-related expense under federal law. 

“Judge Merchan tainted this jury since day one by ignoring nearly every motion and objection by the defense and refusing to allow crucial testimony in this show trial. It is shameful that the members of this jury apparently allowed their partisan bias to overrule the interests of justice to render an unfair and unjustified verdict. This is election interference carried out by a Soros-supported rogue prosecutor.  

“President Trump and his legal team can and will raise the significant issues with this case on appeal, which should result in overturning this conviction and justice finally being served. Nonetheless, this will take time and effort away from President Trump’s campaign for the presidency, which was the ultimate goal of this political witch hunt. Americans everywhere should be outraged at the weaponization of our justice system.” 

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Former President Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts is evidence the American justice system is “no better than Venezuela or China,” according to Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala.

Alabama’s senior senator, a staunch ally of the former president who attended Trump’s trial in New York City, called the guilty verdict on the falsifying business records counts “a very dark day in American history.

“This ‘trial’ was a political witch hunt from the start,” Tuberville said in a statement shortly after the verdict.

He attacked Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg as a “liberal activist” and Judge Juan Merchan as a “Biden donor” with a “shared goal” of putting Trump behind bars.

“Whether you consider the lopsided jury, the gag order issued to silence only President Trump, the prosecution’s failure to outline the alleged underlying crimes … this trial was a complete joke and massive misuse of taxpayer dollars,” the senator continued.

He said the trial was “pure election interference” and that the American people won’t be deceived by it.

Webmaster addition: 


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A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll released Thursday reveals that a majority of registered voters say a guilty verdict in former President Donald Trump’s trial would not impact their vote in the 2024 presidential election. The survey found that 67% of respondents believe a conviction would make no difference, while 17% say they would be less likely to vote for Trump and 15% say they would be more likely.

Similarly, 76% of registered voters say a not guilty verdict would not affect their vote, with 9% stating they would be less likely to support Trump and 14% saying they would be more likely. The poll, conducted between May 21 and May 23, surveyed 1,261 adults with a margin of error of 3.4 percentage points.

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I’ve been warning on my national TV and radio shows for many months about waves of “Red Dawn” terror attacks coming soon to the USA. My warning was not based on any inside information from the government. It was based only on my common sense and gut instincts.

That’s all changed. I now have high-level, inside information from my sources at the CIA confirming what’s coming.


Anyone can see that this O’Biden administration (led by zombie dementia puppet Joe Biden and his boss Obama- the real president) have opened the borders and waved the entire world in. And anyone with a brain knows that among the millions waved in, have been hundreds of thousands, if not millions of terrorists.

Just recently, the National Sheriffs Association claimed there are two million terrorists inside the USA. Please understand all it took was 2,000 terrorists on October 7th to invade Israel and murder, rape, burn, and behead 1,200 innocent souls.

Can you imagine what damage and death two million terrorists could do inside the USA?

Webmaster addition: Biden will just blame the Trump supporters!

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Crime pays in the Windy City as long as you are not a law-abiding citizen.

As CWB Chicago reported, 35-year-old Whitley Temple, who ran over a Chicago police officer with his own squad car in June 2022 while naked after he stopped to help her, was found NOT GUILTY on all charges including attempted murder by reason of insanity by Judge Tyria Walton on Wednesday.

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I understand that the topic of this article is not too cheery, but this is important information. Someday, it could save your life and the lives of your family members. We live at a time when the potential for conflict between major powers that possess nuclear weapons is constantly in the headlines, and it is just a matter of time before someone crosses a line that will never be able to be uncrossed. When that day arrives, it is imperative that you have a plan.

Entire books have been written about how to survive a nuclear war, and so I will only be able to cover some of the most essential information in this article.

If you plan to keep on living once a nuclear war erupts, the first thing that you will need to do is to be located somewhere that is at low risk of being attacked.

That means that you won’t want to be located anywhere near any military installations. If you are not sure if there is a military base close to you, you can find a list of military bases in the United States right here.

In addition, population centers that are of strategic importance such as Washington D.C. and New York City will also be targeted during an all-out nuclear conflict.

For those that are considering relocating, experts suggest looking “in remote and rural areas with warm climate and access to water and farmland”…

Real estate experts have concluded that the places in America that are best suited for nuclear war survival are in remote and rural areas with warm climate and access to water and farmland.

They have recommended against densely populated urban cities and places with mass transportation, shopping centers and other convenient amenities that are traditionally desirable for living.

I think that is very good advice.

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Authored by Jeffrey Tucker via The Epoch Times,

There are three layers to the U.S. state that lord it over the American people and the world: deep, middle, and shallow. It’s a typology of how technocracy works in practice. Let’s talk about how it works and how the layers interact.

Donald Trump popularized the term deep state, and it is a good one. There is a large and serious literature on the topic. It refers mostly to the long-operating and largely out-of-public eye intelligence agencies and their cut-outs in the private sector. It is inclusive of security agencies, which means CIA but also some portions of the FBI, NSC, NSA, CISA, DHS, top brass at the Pentagon, and more besides.

They are the most powerful force in American politics and have been for many decades. Anyone who calls them out is called a “conspiracy theorist” simply because there is a lack of documentation for these claims that everyone knows are true. They are “classified,” Washington’s magic term for anything they want to hide from you.

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Former President Donald Trump gave a brief statement after he was found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records.

Trump maintained his innocence and reiterated that the trial was rigged from the start.

"This was a rigged, disgraceful trial. The real verdict is going to be November 5 by the people. And they know what happened here, and everybody knows what happened here. You have a Soros-backed DA, and the whole thing, we didn’t do a thing wrong. I’m a very innocent man," Trump said.

"It’s okay. I’m fighting for our country. I’m fighting for our Constitution. Our whole country is being rigged right now. This was done by the Biden administration in order to move or hurt an opponent, a political opponent. And I think it’s just a disgrace. And we’ll keep fighting; we’ll fight to the end, and we’ll win. Because our country has gone to hell. We don’t have the same country any more. We have a divided mess," he continued.

Webmaster addition: 

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Authored by Andrew Korybko via Substack,

President Putin shared a lot of insight about the NATO-Russian proxy war in Ukraine during the press conference that he held during his latest trip to Uzbekistan. The first point of relevance that he made is that Zelensky is no longer regarded by Russia as Ukraine’s legitimate leader after his term expired. According to President Putin’s “tentative estimate” of this legal question, Rada Speaker Stefanchuk should now be seen as Zelensky’s legal successor.

The Russian leader also speculated that the only reason why the incumbent remains in power is for him to carry out scandalous moves like possibly lowing the draft age to 23 and even 18 years. In his words, “I believe that after this and other unpopular decisions are made, those who are acting today as representatives of executive government would be replaced with people who would not be responsible for the unpopular decisions made. These representatives will be simply replaced in a snap.”

Moving along, in response to a question about NATO chief Stoltenberg’s suggestion for members to let Ukraine use their arms to hit targets inside of Russia like the US just tacitly approved of Kiev doing, he reminded everyone that long-range precision strikes require space reconnaissance data. Since Ukraine lacks these capabilities, such strikes can only be carried out with NATO support, including through instructors inside Ukraine masquerading as mercenaries for plausible deniability purposes.

President Putin advised the West to think twice about this and then addressed Russia’s fresh push into Ukraine’s Kharkov Region, which he confirmed was in response to the shelling of Belgorod and aimed at carving out a “security area” exactly as he earlier warned he’d order if those attacks didn’t stop. On the topic of Belgorod, he lamented that the Western media doesn’t report on Ukraine’s strikes there, and hinted that his envisaged “security area” could expand to stop longer-range attacks if need be.

He was later asked about Ukraine inviting French “instructors”, to which he responded by saying that his forces regularly “hear English, French, or Polish on the radio” when listening in their opponents, thus confirming that their mercenaries have long been deployed there. Of those three, President Putin believes that the Polish ones are the least likely to leave, which is an allusion to Russian officials’ prior claims that it plans to annex Western Ukraine or at least incorporate it into a sphere of influence.

As for how he sees everything ending, he reaffirmed his commitment to peace talks and reminded everyone that it’s Ukraine that unilaterally froze this process, not Russia.

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The Louisiana judge presiding over a high-profile criminal case accusing Black men of raping a White LSU student dismissed a 1972 rape conviction a year after she released a different rape suspect on reduced bail.

 District Judge Gail Horne Ray’s decisions, coupled with her son’s serial rape conviction and her potential bias as a lifetime member of the NAACP, has [sic] raised concerns about conflicts of interest. 

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The warning by President Putin could not be starker: “In the event of the use of long-range weapons, the Russian Armed Forces will again have to make decisions about expanding the sanitary zone further (…) Do they want global conflict? It seemed they wanted to negotiate [with us], but we don’t see much desire to do this.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov then came up with the appropriate metaphor to designate NATO’s ramped-up military outbursts: not only NATO is raising the degree of escalation but delving into a warlike “ecstasy”.

It does not get more serious than that. “They”, as Putin alluded to, do seem to want “global conflict”. That’s at the heart of NATO’s new suicidal “ecstasy” strategy.

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