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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is privately signaling to donors that he's open to a Democratic presidential ticket that isn't led by President Biden, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: In public, Schumer has been insistent that he is "for Joe." In private, he's singing a different tune.

  • Over the last 12 days, Schumer has been listening to donors' ideas and suggestions about the best way forward for the party, according to three people familiar with the matter.
  • The majority leader is one of several Democrats, including former President Obama and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has the political and personal standing to convince Biden to step aside. Even so, Biden can still dig in and the delegates are pledged to him.
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It has been two weeks since palpably senile President Joe Biden delivered the single worst performance ever given in a presidential debate, and the fallout continues to tear the Democratic Party asunder.

For two weeks, most of the left-wing corporate media, joined by a small but growing number of elected Democratic officials, have desperately been trying to convince Uncle Joe and Jill “Lady Macbeth” Biden to stand down. They have done so to no avail. Although some senior Democrats, such as former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) have wobbled, and a number of party backbenchers have publicly called for Biden to bow out of the race, most of the Democratic Party establishment remains behind their octogenarian presumptive nominee. Perhaps that is why Biden himself, in a Monday letter to Capitol Hill Democrats, forcefully declared his intention to stay in.

With each new headline about the dam breaking, including Hollywood star George Clooney’s blistering New York Times op-ed this week calling for Biden to drop out, the president’s stubborn inner circle only further digs in its heels. As each additional day passes, it seems clearer that Biden will indeed be the Democrats’ standard-bearer this November.

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Robots and other smart machinery will comprise up to one-third of the U.S. military in the next 10-15 years, retired Army Gen. Mark Milley, a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at an Axios event today.

Why it matters: Such widespread adoption of unmanned and artificial intelligence-fueled tools of war would be a major reshaping of the force — one that would also raise serious ethical questions.

What they're saying: "It'll be a fundamental change, and I would argue that other nations' militaries are going to be similarly designed," Milley said at Axios' Future of Defense event.

  • The number of human troops, he added, "will probably be reduced as you move toward robotic systems."
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Pro-Israel lobbyists have donated to 13 out of Labour’s 25 cabinet members since they were first elected to parliament, Declassified can reveal.

The list of recipients includes prime minister Keir Starmer, his deputy Angela Rayner,  chancellor Rachel Reeves, foreign secretary David Lammy and home secretary Yvette Cooper.

Jonathan Reynolds, who will oversee arms exports to Israel as UK trade secretary, is another beneficiary, alongside Labour’s election mastermind Pat McFadden, whose responsibilities now include national security.  

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Webmaster addition: America lacks STEM graduates. But at least they know all the correct gender pronouns!

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Does China sense weakness in the White House?  In recent days Chinese troops have been sent to Belarus for military exercises, dozens of Chinese military aircraft have been threatening Taiwan, and four Chinese military vessels were even detected off the coast of Alaska.  So why has China decided to become so aggressive all of a sudden?  Right now, Joe Biden is facing endless questions about his competency, and those around him are focused on fighting for his political survival.  So could foreign adversaries such as China use this window of opportunity to do things that they may not normally attempt to do?
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Max Blumenthal investigates the complex and controversial topic of Israelis killing their own, exploring the implications of the Hannibal Directive. In this thought-provoking discussion, Blumenthal examines the internal conflicts within Israeli society and the military policy's role in shaping the narrative broadcast on main steam media. Blumenthal and The Gray were one of the first to bring to light the order from the Israeli Government to issue the Hannibal Directive to the IDF. Gain insights into the societal tensions, political dynamics, and human rights considerations at play in Israel today.

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Joe Biden's senior officials struggled to keep their composure when the president mistook Donald Trump for Kamala Harris last night - as dozens of Democrat lawmakers prepared to turn against him. 

Biden also mistook Ukraine's President Zelensky for his arch-enemy Vladimir Putin in a disastrous press conference as fellow Dems launched a coordinated effort to go public with demands he withdraw from the race for The White House.

The president was warned he now faces a 'brutal' 48 hours. 

Former president Barack Obama held emergency talks with Nancy Pelosi who had been urging Biden's critics to stay silent ahead of last night's make or break NATO press conference.

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A Daily Show correspondent was in for a shock when he gathered a focus group of black voters and half of them revealed they were set to cast a ballot for Donald Trump.

The segment was filmed following the release of an Ipsos poll that showed Biden's support among African Americans had dropped 20 points from 2020 after his disastrous Atlanta debate with Trump.

The liberal comedy show's segment appeared to emulate this poll, as correspondent Josh Johnson gathered a half dozen black voters to talk about their reaction to the debate.

Johnson started off the segment, titled 'Do We F*** With Trump?' by asking the six people - three men and three women - who they'd vote for.

Three of them said Trump, albeit one with some reservations, leaving Johnson in shock.

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This is what a 'big boy' press conference looks like: Two teleprompt screens, a list of vetted journalists and press aides with microphones, ready to silence tricky questions.

The White House had leaned into the term, first used by a reporter, to signify that President Joe Biden would offer a no-holds-barred demonstration of his ability to parry tough questions.

Yet even with the guard rails of screens, fussing aides and an opening statement, Biden struggled at times with a raspy throat, botched lines and meandering answers.

He was asked whether Kamala Harris could beat Donald Trump if she was top of the ticket, and answered in excruciating fashion. 

'Look, I wouldn't have picked Vice President Trump to be vice president if I didn't think she was not qualified to be vice president,' he said, triggering a Republican meme avalanche, with mashups of Harris and Trump appearing rapidly online.

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden traded barbs on social media after the current president's embarrassing gaffe where he confused the name of his predecessor and Vice President Kamala Harris

Biden was asked whether Harris could beat Donald Trump if she was top of the ticket at the start of a Q&A with the press to end the NATO Conference, and answered in excruciating fashion. 

'Look, I wouldn't have picked Vice President Trump to be vice president if I didn't think she was not qualified to be vice president,' he said, triggering a Republican meme avalanche, with mashups of Harris and Trump appearing rapidly online.

Trump took to his Truth Social page and immediately after and savaged the miscue: 'Crooked Joe begins his 'Big Boy' Press Conference with, 'I wouldn't have picked Vice President Trump to be vice president, though I think she was not qualified to be president.' Great job, Joe!' 

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Barack Obama has gone to bat for his former vice president. Democrats mull dumping Biden for another candidate. But Obama has come out to support Joe, even though all signs point to Biden suffering cognitive decline. Even Democrat doctors are suggesting Biden is suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

What will Obama do to save his protégé? Barry is demanding the party fall in line with Biden, even though the ailing Democrat could doom their November ticket.

But, Obama might not be as loyal to Joe as some think. Think week, the liberal apple cart was rattled by an op-ed from George Clooney. The big Democrat donor wants Biden to step down. And, as it turns out, Obama might have been involved in that article. Which raises the question, what is old Barry up to?

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The walls are finally closing in on the corrupt Joe Biden administration.

For years, members of the Biden administration have been working overtime to hide his cognitive decline from the American people. They’ve colluded with both the mainstream media and Democrats in an attempt to ensure that Americans would not be able to see just how dire Biden’s mental state has become.

Unfortunately for them, however, they couldn’t protect Biden on the debate stage last month. There, it became painfully obvious that Biden’s staffers have gone to great lengths to hide the fact that the president of the United States’ cognitive abilities are simply not up to par.

Now, some of these Biden staffers may finally be held accountable for what they’ve done.

From Daily Wire:
House Republicans are cranking up the pressure on the White House over suspicions that staffers are trying to cover up potentially damning information about President Joe Biden after his poor debate performance as the 81-year-old runs for a second term.

Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) announced on Wednesday he subpoenaed three of Biden’s aides whom, according to Axios, are believed to have put together a “cocoon” over the president amid concerns about him experiencing a decline in cognitive health.

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President Biden and his allies have been fighting a mutiny. More and more Democrats are calling for him to step down. They believe that he is too cognitively impaired to lead the country. For now, the president has been able to stave off a coup. Although, anything can happen in the coming days.

Reports indicate that morale is low among Biden staffers. His team has tried to rally the troops. But things are looking worse than the Clinton campaign on Election Night, 2016.

But if Biden wants to stay in this thing, he has to make some smart choices. That, he is clearly not doing. Reports indicate that he has been walled off from many of his staff. And, to the shock of many, he has a new “chief of staff” making key decisions for his administration. And it’s the very worst people imaginable.

From Breitbart:
Convicted felon Hunter Biden is reportedly the “acting chief of staff” to President Joe Biden, usurping Jeff Zients in that designated role.

The Biden family, which made millions from foreign business deals while Joe Biden was in and out of office, is helping to keep Biden in the race, a source told the Daily Beast on Wednesday…

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Cable news often gets called out for having a liberal bias. I don’t have to tell you how many Americans are sick of the obvious trend. Conservatives are maligned and dismissed. Meanwhile, Democrats are portrayed as heroes. Even as viewers complain, outlets double down on this scheme.

Big surprise to learn that trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low. And traditional news outlets are watching their audiences shrivel up.

Perhaps the biggest loser has been CNN. They’ve seen their reputation collapse in recent years. Not only are viewers sick of the bias, but they were shocked to learn about the corruption among the network’s top brass. The previous leaders were canned and their new chief executive has been forced to salvage what is left. Now, he is announcing major overhauls.

From CNN:
Mark Thompson, the CNN chief executive appointed last year to modernize the news network, unveiled a set of sweeping changes to the iconic outlet Wednesday, announcing plans to build a billion-dollar digital business, experiment with artificial intelligence and overhaul key newsroom structures.

The far-reaching measures, which Thompson described to staffers in a memo as a “key milestone in the transformation of CNN,” will result in about 100 employees, or about three percent of the workforce, being laid off. Those employees, Thompson said, will be eligible for severance packages.

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has long been one of the biggest embarrassments in Congress.

For years, the 85-year-old has repeatedly made a fool of herself. Whether she’s ranting nonsensically against Republicans or speaking unintelligibly about who knows what, Waters continues to show the world that literally anybody can be in Congress, regardless of how ignorant they are.

During an interview with CNN earlier this week, Waters humiliated herself once again when she had a hair malfunction on live TV. As she was asked about President Joe Biden’s mental capabilities, Waters could be seen constantly adjusting her hair.

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President Biden has, so far, refused to drop out of the race. His surrogates are playing a nationwide game of gaslighting as if over 50 million Americans didn’t see Biden crash and burn during the debate. Even Democrat doctors are saying he has Parkinson’s disease. Yet neither the White House nor Joe’s campaign is copping to reality.

This week, Biden tried to corral congressional Democrats. It does not seem as if that meeting went over well.

The campaign is trying to salvage Biden’s failing prospects. But even Hollywood liberals see the writing on the wall. Time is running out for the party. And now, Biden’s campaign has been hit by a major loss. The thing he needs the most right now is drying up fast.

From The Blaze:
An NBC News report cited several sources close to the Biden re-election campaign saying that campaign donations had imploded since the disastrous presidential debate.

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Since the start of the year, Biden has seen his reelection chances dwindle. Long before his terrible debate performance, he had seen key demographics turn on him. Biden is losing support from groups Democrats have long dominated. The reasons are obvious, Biden’s failures as a president have been outraging many groups.

But nobody expected this to happen, even with Biden’s many failures. This news could turn the entire election on its head.

A new survey is gauging how one key demographic is leaning. This group has been hurt by Biden’s economic policies, even though the media rarely reported on it. Biden tried to buy their votes, but it hasn’t been enough to win them back. Many of these Americans are feeling the brunt of Biden’s radical policies. And it seems, they are doing something never before seen.

From Newsweek:
Young people appear to be flocking to the Republican Party, according to the figures in a new poll from the Pew Research Center that surveyed Americans’ party affiliation.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former President Barack Obama held emergency talks on what to do about Joe Biden at the top of the Democratic ticket - and did not come to a consensus. 

Neither is sure what to do - but they agree it has become much harder for Democrats to win in November since Biden's disastrous debate performance, according to CNN

Democrats are 'begging' either Obama or Pelosi to help quell the infighting. The pair of political powerhouses have Biden's ear, moreso than Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer or House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries. 

Three more House Democrats have come out and called on Biden to drop out of the running since his post-NATO news conference Thursday night - including top Intelligence Committee Democrat Jim Himes, Conn. That brings the total number of House Democrats up to 17. 

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White House aides have carried out a 'calculated' years-long plot to hide President Joe Biden's cognitive decline from the world, an insider reveals, only to see the 'gatekeeping' effort fail miserably when he had to fend for himself during last month's debate

Staff closest to the ailing 81-year-old deployed a multitude of tactics to hide his deficiencies - limiting reporter access to him, giving the president smaller stairs for Air Force One and physically surrounding him in public to hide his stiff walk, a former Biden aide tells DailyMail.com.

Biden has also been given large-print notecards with the most basic of instructions written on them for almost every event and kept to a tighter daily schedule so he can get more sleep.

There was even staff charged with devising strategies to keep the president from falling down, the source said. 

Now, the insider says, those advisers who coordinated the president's protective cocoon should be held to blame for his spectacular fall from grace and the mounting calls for him to drop his reelection bid. 

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Concerns about Joe Biden's fitness for office have gone global, according to Speaker Mike Johnson

The speaker revealed that world leaders he's met with as part of the NATO conference have expressed concerns about the president's cognitive abilities. 

'All those NATO leaders are here on the Hill as you know,' Johnson told Fox News's Laura Ingraham on Wednesday evening. 'These foreign leaders are coming in, prime ministers, heads of state and they are telling us privately that they are deeply concerned.'

Johnson's comments came just after meetings with United Kingdom Prime Minister Keir Starmer and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The speaker did not specify which leaders had expressed concerns. 

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A growing number of influential celebrities are calling for President Biden to step aside and not run for reelection amid growing concern over whether the president is fit to serve a second term and capable of defeating Donald Trump after his catastrophic debate performance. 

Lifetime Democrat George Clooney was the latest celebrity to push for Biden to exit the race with a bombshell op-ed in the New York Times on Wednesday. 

Just weeks ago, the celebrated actor headlined a fundraiser for the president's reelection campaign where he was pictured standing alongside Biden.

He joins a drumbeat of revered names across the Democrat-heavy entertainment industry to call for a new party nominee to take on Trump this fall. 

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by Tyler Durden

NATO has set up permanent shop in the Middle East, on Thursday announcing its first liaison office in the Arab world, located in Jordan. A formal NATO statement confirmed the "first-ever liaison office in the region, in Amman, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan" which demonstrates the "deep strategic partnership between Jordan and the Alliance."

"Emphasizing the evolving regional and global security landscape, Allies at the 2024 NATO Summit in Washington DC adopted an action plan for a stronger, more strategic and result-oriented approach towards its southern neighborhood," the alliance said. 

Image source: NATO

"The plan clearly demonstrates NATO’s commitment to reinforcing engagement and cooperation with its partners in the Middle East and North Africa, including through the establishment of its first-ever liaison office in the region, in Amman, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan," it added.

Likely other regional powers will not look too kindly upon Jordan hosting a permanent NATO office, particularly the governments in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.

It will also underscore for many Arabs the image of the Western bloc as a constant interventionist power in the region, ultimately led by the American hegemon. 

Claire's Observations:  Take a good look at the faces of the people in this photo.  King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein is NOT at all looking at the face of the NATO rep, with whom he is shaking hands, and cannot even mange to put a smile on his face.  The NATO guy is NOT at all looking at the King, nor is he smiling at all.

I do not know what the "quid pro quo" here was to cementing this deal (probably stealth money or more advanced US weaponry which the Russians haven't been able to shoot down and use for target practice in Ukraine) but the look on King Hussein's face speaks volumes.

I sense that the King didn't want the deal, which may have come down down with several NATO ultimatums attached, but felt pressured to accept it, fearing for his own life, and that of his family.

He has clearly witnessed the results of what happens when NATO doesn't get its way.... as happened in Libya  https://www.cato.org/commentary/how-nato-pushed-us-libya-fiasco#and Kosovo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kosovo_War

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