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"There is no worse mistake in public leadership than to hold out false hopes soon to be swept away. The British people can face peril or misfortune with fortitude and buoyancy, but they bitterly resent being deceived or finding that those responsible for their affairs are themselves dwelling in a fool's paradise." -- Winston Churchill


Some Canadians Will Have to Explain Their Wealth or Lose It MikeRivero Thu, 12/08/2022 - 13:25
Grieving father, who lost son to cancer, in blistering attack on Canadian government as it considers offering euthanasia to sick kids: 'It's like telling them your life isn't worth living' MikeRivero Wed, 12/07/2022 - 12:19

Relaxing euthanasia laws in Canada so children can be offered assisted dying would tell sick young people their lives are ‘not worth living’, a campaigner has warned.

Lawmakers in Canada are currently considering whether medical assistance in dying (MAID) should be open to 'mature minors' who meet certain criteria.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly says Canada is planning to increase its number of warships in the Taiwan Strait as a message to China that the waters are not its national property.


A disabled veteran in Canada has revealed that the Trudeau regime pressured her to be euthanized because she didn’t have enough money to afford a wheelchair lift in her home.

Yes, really.

Retired Army Corporal Christine Gauthier, a former Paralympian, testified in Parliament on Thursday that a Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) caseworker, working on behalf of the Trudeau administration, made the assisted suicide offer.

Canada: A Gruesome, Terrifying Culture of Death MikeRivero Wed, 12/07/2022 - 08:08

Canada used to be a serious country and a fine place to live and raise a family. Canadians fought valiantly in both World Wars, manned peacekeeping missions and have welcomed refugees, including my own grandparents, from war-torn lands with open arms and warm hearts. 

Its high taxes have been the foundational stone of a generous social welfare system, a universal socialized medical system, relatively good public schools and public universities among other social programs. As a G7 nation, it has long held a place at the table of the world’s most formidable countries.

America, be very afraid: astonishingly, Canada is now euthanizing 10,000 of its citizens a year - and some of the horrific stories of its ultra-permissive policy will horrify you MikeRivero Wed, 12/07/2022 - 07:04

Winston Churchill famously reassured the U.S. that its long northern border was 'guarded only by neighbourly respect and honourable obligations'.

And generations of US leaders have tended to agree – there's nothing to worry about from solid and reliably uncontroversial Canada.

Until now, that is.

Canada: Liberal PMs Amendment Would Add Hunting Rifles to Proposed Handgun Ban MikeRivero Tue, 12/06/2022 - 09:53

A report indicates an amendment has been added to Bill C-21, co-opting the handgun ban to prohibit hunting rifles as well. notes: “The proposed changes to Bill C-21 were tacked on by Liberal MP Paul Chiang after it had passed second reading — drawing complaints from opposition MPs who accused the government of sneaking in changes that would expand the scope of prohibited weapons to include hunting rifles.”