"A government that neither trusts nor respects its own people cannot trust or respect other nations. What is the domestic policy of enslavement today must be the foreign policy of conquest tomorrow." -- Michael Rivero

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France had promised to send troops to New Caledonia after a state of emergency was declared in the French Island Territory amid violent mass riots — triggered by Paris-backed changes to local voting rights.

The French government has deployed military units to New Caledonia amid continuing civil unrest in the French South Pacific territory.

The troops will back up police efforts to secure ports and the main airport in the capital. French President Emmanuel Macron has declared a state of emergency to last at least 12 days.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has announced the decision to send an additional 1,000 gendarmes to New Caledonia to suppress protests, Report informs referring to TASS.

“1,000 additional gendarmes will be sent to the site,” Attal said after a meeting of the Defense Council of the Republic.

There are already about 1,700 law enforcement officers on the territory of New Caledonia.

He added that the situation “remains extremely tense.”

New Caledonia’s main airports, Nouméa La Tontouta and Nouméa Magenta, were closed, and all flights were canceled following intense rioting in Nouméa and nearby townships. The unrest, which erupted over proposed constitutional reforms, prompted the imposition of an island-wide curfew after rioters set vehicles and buildings on fire on the night of May 13.

Faced with the serious riots shaking New Caledonia, the government took advantage of the state of emergency declared to block TikTok on the island. This is an unprecedented measure in France and Europe.

by Tyler Durden

More shocking images have come out of the ongoing unrest and riots which have gripped the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia, as additional French troops, including reports of

On the calm South China Sea scattered with uninhabited shoals and reefs, cargo vessels loaded with containers move about every day. The tranquil waters host a vibrant array of marine species and sustain dynamic international trade and commerce, connecting regional countries with the outside world. 

Philippine and US forces are simulating scenarios that observers say are deemed relevant to potential conflicts over Taiwan and the South China Sea, with missions involving the retaking of an island and the sinking of a Chinese-made vessel in the final week of this year’s Balikatan joint military exercises.

During a maritime patrol in the waters near Bajo De Masinloc, the Philippine Coast Guard reported that a Chinese Coast Guard vessel deployed a water cannon, directly hitting the Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) vessel. 

The incumbent prime minister of Solomon Islands was set to fall short of an outright election majority Monday, forcing the pro-Beijing Pacific leader to woo an unwieldy mix of potential coalition partners.

Manasseh Sogavare's Our Party has won 12 seats with six contests still in play, according to provisional results reported by the public broadcaster — well short of a majority in the 50-seat parliament.

Coalition negotiations will be closely watched from afar, with major consequences for Beijing's push into the South Pacific.

It's an incongruous sight. 

On one side, there's glorious golden sand and gleaming blue water, with rows of palm trees lining a strip of luxury hotels, complete with tiki bars and silver service restaurants.

But on the edge of Kāʻanapali Beach, a shabby row of tents has sprung up: their occupants largely ignored by the bikini-clad tourists strolling by.