"Everyone has their price. What's surprising is...how low it is" -- Napoleon

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“You maybe heard about Brooke Jackson’s case in the US. She’s suing Pfizer under False Claims Act that they defrauded the government. Well, Pfizer already filed a motion to dismiss – the case hasn’t been dismissed yet – but Pfizer already in court stated that: ‘Please dismiss this case, Judge. We did not defraud the government.

A notorious German pensioner known as the "Nazi grandma" who has been jailed several times for denying the Holocaust was sentenced to another 16 months at her latest trial on Wednesday.

A Hamburg court convicted Ursula Haverbeck, 95, of denying the Nazi genocide on several occasions, including in 2015 during the trial of a former Nazi camp guard.

In their sentencing, the judges took into account her previous convictions and the fact she had "also used the proceedings to further disseminate her views", a court spokeswoman told AFP.

July 4th is supposed to be celebrated as Independence Day in the United States. It commemorates the victory of Britain’s American colonies in declaring their Independence from British colonial rule and becoming a new nation no longer beholden to the King of England. Sadly, the people of the United States have largely forgotten their revolutionary roots. By the start of the 20th Century, the United States was in the process of becoming the very thing it rebelled against — a colonial empire. In the wake of World War II, noveau colonialism captured U.S.