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Thundering Loudspeakers, Leaflets and Excrement Balloons: North and South Korea Restart Cold War-Era Psychological Warfare malterwitty
Gigantic South Korean loudspeakers blare BTS music. Large North Korean balloons carry manure, cigarette butts, and waste batteries. Small South Korean civilian leaflets slam North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. This dystopian psychological warfare scenario is starting to play again like the height of the Cold War era, leaving the distension of 2018 so far in the past that it’s like it never even happened.
Live Fire Border Incident As More Sh*t Balloons Sail Into South Korea malterwitty
On Tuesday South Korea revealed that a new live fire incident occurred along the heavily militarized border with North Korea. South Korean border forces fired warning shots after troops on the other side 'accidentally' crossed the border in the south. "There were no unusual movements other than the North Korean army immediately moving north after our warning shots," South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesman, Col. Lee Sung-jun, told a briefing.
Gunfire on Korean border as Kim Jong Un's troops cross over into the South MikeRivero

South Korean troops were forced to fire warning shots after a contingent of 20 North Korean soldiers briefly crossed the border this week, Seoul's military said this morning in the latest escalation of tensions at the line.

The worrying incursion over the line that separates the two militaries took place in an overgrown area of the heavily fortified border area.

Relations between the two Koreas - technically still at war as the 1950-1953 conflict ended in an armistice rather than a peace treaty - are at one of their lowest points in years.

South Korea Ends Military Agreement with North After Tit-for-Tat Balloon Quarrel Ladylove

South Korea Ends Military Agreement with North After Tit-for-Tat Balloon Quarrel

by | Jun 3, 2024

North Korea Demonstrates Extremely Long Range Rocket Artillery Capabilities With Large Salvo MikeRivero

The armed forces of North Korea, the Korean People’s Army, on May 30 launched a large salvo using over a dozen new KN-25 600mm rocket artillery systems, deploying both wheeled and tracked variants of the system in a significant show of force. State media outlets highlighted that the demonstration showed that the country was ready to carry out pre-emptive strikes on its adversaries, with 18 long range rockets fired.

U.S. Drops Fleas With Bubonic Plague on North Korea MikeRivero

This happened some 63 years ago, but as the U.S. government has never stopped lying about it, and it’s generally known only outside the United States, I’m going to treat it as news.

Japanese Prime Minister's Office: "North Korea has launched a suspected ballistic missile”. Update: South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff reported that it had detected approximately 10 suspected short-range ballistic missiles launched near the North Korean capital of Pyongyang toward the sea.